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If you’ve been thinking about buying a house in Boise, there’s never been a better time. Or, if you already have a house in or around the city, consider yourself lucky! A big draw of living in Idaho is the amount of outdoor activities you can do, and Boise has no shortage of activities to keep you occupied. In fact, there’s a relatively new feature being built along the Boise River. A part of this new water feature is already complete, and they’ve recently started construction on phase II. If you love the water and whitewater, you won’t want to miss the Boise River Park.

Phase I- Completed

The first phase of the park was completed in June 2012. Phase I consisted of rebuilding the existing dam, the Thurman Mill Diversion Dam, and they added a Wave…

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It’s early. The sun hasn't quite started peaking over the mountains to the east. Fish are splashing in the creek, and the birds have started singing and dipping over the water to eat the bugs. You smile, relaxed in the comfortable chair on the deck of your cabin. The warmth from the cup of coffee you’re sipping on throws steam into the morning air. As the sun peaks over the horizon, it paints the scene with light. Beautiful evergreens, grass swaying in the breeze, and rivers and creeks burst into existence as the sun officially rises. Breakfast is cooking in the kitchen, and as the wildlife and nature really start to wake up, you remember your plans for the day. You were going to go to Yellowstone National Park.

Island Park might be right off of Highway…

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It’s a warm night with a slight western breeze floating through from Oregon, and it’s dark out but you wouldn’t know it from the moonlight draped across the Boise foothills. Just six miles away I can see the lights and buildings of downtown—a few square blocks with all the benefits and attractions of city nightlife—where people are out enjoying restaurants and clubs, just a short bike ride from Barber Pool, where I sit overlooking one of Idaho’s “Top 12 ecosystems,” surrounded by homes, yet listening still to the river rush, the coyotes calling to each other. The smell of cool water and dusty sage mingles with fresh-cut lawns and the mature Ponderosa Pine planted next to this lookout area. The hills seem to glow as they stretch off into the distance…

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