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So, what is an HOA and what are they all about? What do you need to know?

Boise Idaho's shrinking home inventory has prompted many to turn to new construction, and with budding neighborhoods come budding Homeowners Associations, organizations in a planned community or subdivision that create and enforce rules for all the homes and properties within their jurisdiction. What can you expect from these HOAs? 

A Homeowners Association is a board that manages what is typically (but not always) a group of condominiums, townhouses or newly constructed neighborhoods. These associations are meant to both improve the quality of life for residents as well as maintain high property values. This is managed through a series of fees that the association uses to pay…

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The dry, fall air whips across the flat landscape. An abrupt, wide fault cuts across the otherwise uninterrupted terrain, dividing the city of Twin Falls from the highway. On one side, a man prepares to cross the canyon. His white outfit, complete with a thick, star-studded V across the front, alerts a watching nation that he does not intend to cross conventionally. Instead of taking the bridge, Evel Knievel was going to fly across.

The Canyon

The canyon daredevil Evel Knievel attempted to jump, the Snake River Canyon, is as deep as 500 feet and as wide as a quarter of a mile in some places. It was formed by the joint efforts of the Snake River and the ancient Bonneville flood. The black basalt stands out sharp against the sage plains and the river…

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