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In this world of growing technology, new gadgets and devices are presented to make life easier and faster. The general populous is surrounded by “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology” devices, otherwise known as SMART. One in every five people in the world own a Smartphone and those who don’t have at least heard of SMART devices. A recent addition to the SMART world will perhaps change how we view the world completely. Specifically, it will change how we view the world of light.

Light bulbs have been modified over the years to be brighter and more energy efficient. LED bulbs have recently become one of the most energy efficient light bulbs on the market. LED lights are up to 85% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent…

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Many people in the United States do not know anything about Idaho and many who do have misconstrued ideas about Idaho, her history, and the people who call her home. Many different stereotypes about Idaho have classified people who live in this beautiful state. Some are true, yes but many stereotypes could not be farther from the true aspects and attributes of Idaho.

Idaho….. what state is that in?

To those of you who have been confused in the past, Idaho is not IN a state, Idaho IS a state. Idaho was first discovered in 1805 by Lewis and Clark. Their first interaction with Idaho was the Lemhi Pass where they made it their home while documenting information about Idaho’s wildlife. Once it was explored, Idaho became a popular location for fur…

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Boise Idaho is not widely known for a lot of things. Aside from potatoes, camping and the Boise State Broncos, not many people know what else there is here. Some of the more quirky aspects of Boise are its 'unorthodox' sports. There are many mainstream sports, and even more odd, and even off the wall sports here in the land of spuds. Here are three that you may or may not have heard of.

Basque Pelota

Basque Pelota is a sport that is a cross between racquetball and lacrosse. The players play in a court similar to a racquetball court and play with ball not unlike an American baseball. They wear eye protection and all the usual gear you would expect, but there is a unique piece of equipment that they use that sets them apart from other sports: the…

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