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Remember what it's like to discover? Remember what it's like to learn something new? Remember how exciting it is? Remember the first time that you really did get excited about learning about the weather or the way earthquakes work? Well, that is the mission of the Discovery Center of Idaho. They want to help people feel the exhilaration of discovery, by creating and facilitating controlled scientific experiments. It is for the public good, to help show people that science and math can be fun.

The Discovery Center has been operating for about 25 years on Myrtle Street in downtown Boise. It was founded on the values of trust, empowerment, and most of all, fun. The Discovery Center staff and founders understand that science, engineering and math can be…

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Many of us have fantasized about having a second or vacation home. How glamorous and wonderful it would be. We could relax or play in a different location; get away from the hubbub of the everyday life. Although, you've probably heard that it costs a lot, which makes you reconsider buying a second home. There are many different factors that push back and forth when it comes to buying any piece of real estate, so we've compiled a sample list of pros and cons for purchasing a second or vacation home.


When you think of a vacation home, you think about the convenience. With a second home, you will always have a little place you can run off to wherever you’d like. A place where you won’t need to pay hotel fees, or for food (if you store food in…

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Everything Touch Screen

When most people think of the future, you may think of hover cars, android maids, or even teleportation. If you ever saw Disney’s Tomorrowland, your view of the future might be of large clunky robots or rocket ships. But, the future is probably different from what you have previously imagined. Modern engineers and architects, along with technological geniuses are planning and scheming up many many different things for our future. Some of it isn't as off the wall as you might expect.

The world has been forever changed by the invention of the touch screen. With the path that we are on, everything will be touch screen soon, which is exactly what Microsoft is working on. There have been plans, or rather dreams of making a home…

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When customizing your kitchen or bathroom, one of the most important decisions you will make will be what counter top material you should use. There are many factors that can contribute to choosing the perfect counter top - style, functionality, and price, just to name a few. Making the right choice may seem daunting, but here is a comprehensive list of the four most popular counter top materials, including their positives, problems, and price tags.


Average Cost of Installation:

$50 - $80 per square foot


Granite Counter-top

The classic granite counter top is very popular amongst homeowners, for good reason. It’s a beautiful material unique to every cut and the type of granite used, which can give a kitchen or bathroom a glossy appeal. Granite is…

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Boise Idaho Egyptian Theatre

Here are two fun photos, one from the 1970's and one from today!
Can YOU spot all the differences?

Old Egyptian Theatre in Boise

At over one hundred and fifty years old, the capital city of Boise has experienced a complex history. Steeped in fortune both good and bad, this city’s story is worth much recognition. Boise began as a Fort in the 1830s, defending against trouble along the Oregon Trail, before being inducted into a city in 1863. Boise claimed the title of territory capital in 1866, taking the honor from Lewistown. Afterwards, Boise flourished under statehood, expanding its irrigation and becoming the first capital city in the United States to use a geothermal heating system. Despite the hard times caused by the Great Depression, Boise…

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If you want to not only tour an old Ghost town, but also learn about the interesting history of the place, then Wallace, Idaho is for you. Tour old Wallace, Idaho and learn about the history of the people who lived there as well as the heritage they left behind.


The Sierra Silver Mine was discovered in the early 1900's. When it was first discovered, miners were excited to find their fortune and become rich. They were disappointed, however, because the assays- compositional analyses- in the mine only ran about ½ ounce of silver per ton of ore mined, which is small compared to the average composition found in most silver mines.

After the mine was failing, ownership changed several times as different people tried to find their fortune.…

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Here in the Boise area, a lot yards and property lines are marked by fences. Most of these are either wood, or chain-link. If you want to make your home have a little more curb appeal, you may consider making a new fence. Here are two great ideas that might be right for you.

If you like a little more of a unique look to your fence, you may consider making it out of Bamboo. Bamboo is a very inexpensive building material and can be found at a lot of different hardware stores. Now, depending on what type of bamboo fence you want to make will dictate how many pieces you'll need to buy.

The simplest method of making a bamboo fence would be to first buy sturdy pieces of wood to be your fence posts-- these will be placed about every five feet or so…

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Great Room and Loft

Lofts are great. If your home has a loft and you haven’t started using the space up there, you are missing out. The great thing about most lofts vs. typical attics is the fact that lofts are usually already insulated and finished. This means less work for you as far as preparations go.

There are many ideas out there for what you can do with your loft. We've listed some here that might be interesting to you, but in the end it is up to you what you need or want. Remember to do safety inspections before you do anything with a loft to make sure it will hold your weight, if it can’t support you, stop and have someone help you make it weight bearing.

One thing you can do with your loft is to turn it into a little private library. With a couple…

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As the season of spring is here there are many people who are planning their landscapes for the summer months ahead. You want your landscape to not only highlight the style of your home but also fit your personality. There are many different ways to landscape your yard, but learning the basic components of landscapes will help you decide how to do it.

The first thing that you should know before you begin landscaping is the difference between hardscape and softscape and how to balance the two.

Softscaping consists of the components you put in your yard. Consider the natural elements you use. Do you have enough shrubbery, trees, plants, and flowers? Without sufficient natural elements, your landscape will look barren.

Hardscaping, on the other hand,…

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Light Bulbs

We all need lighting in our homes. It is how we see and the way you use lights in your home is very influential in how your home feels. Poor lighting can make your home feel dim and scary like a dungeon; but, if used correctly, light can give new life to your home. Now, as you change up the lighting in your home, if you are tired of the traditional ceiling lights and table lamps, then you are in luck: here is a few ideas on how to creatively perk-up the lighting in your home and make it seem fresh and original.

Hat Lamp Shades
No matter what type of light bulbs you use, one creative way to use them is by using bowler and top hats as lampshades. These can be done as hanging lights or table lamps. By simply cutting a hole in the top of the hat you can…

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