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Motion Sensor

In this day and age, things are unpredictable. It's no secret that bad things happen, whether you are expecting it or not. Imagine that you are on vacation, you and some friends are on a road trip and you left your new home unattended. While you are out having fun and living the dream, the unthinkable happens, your home is broken into. The perpetrators have barged in, ransacked your place, damaged your things and taken your valuables. It is the worst thing that anyone could come home to. Whether you are on a trip or just out for the day, no one wants to find their home in this condition.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem- a home security system. Now there are several different types of security systems and the one that is right for you, may…

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Many people moving to Idaho may have heard or wonder for a couple minutes, "what is there to do here?". If you aren't interested in world-class recreation like many that come to Idaho, you may have wondered the same thing. The fabled Sun Valley area of Idaho, alone, should be enough to convince anyone that there is an endless number of quality Gem State events and activities.

Just a three-hour (or maybe 15 minutes less) drive from Boise, Sun Valley is a resort town worth moving for. Naturally Sun Valley is known for the abundance of great ski and snowboarding opportunities that bring thousands of visitors alone, but there are more local pearls that are a little less known.

The Sun Valley Resort acts as the headquarters of area action.During the…

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Idaho Quarter

Have you ever gazed up at the sky and witnessed the masterful beauty of an eagle? Have you ever seen an osprey dive deep into a river to bring a fish straight out of the water? Have you ever watched as a peregrine falcon performs it's death-defying, head-first spiral down to the earth? If you have, then you understand the majesty that is birds of prey. If not, there is a place right in the Treasure Valley that can give you the chance.

Birds of prey are amazing animals, but they, like many other animals, are endangered. There are many different reasons why they are endangered, but our world would be a sad place without these creatures, for both ecological and recreational reasons.

In an effort to preserve these wonderful birds, the Peregrine Fund…

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Small House

There are probably many who dream of living in a great big house, maybe even a mansion. That is the way America is, right. Bigger, better, that's what it's all about... or is it? For some Americans, it isn't practical or even desirable. In the past decade and a half, as the American home has been growing larger, there are some people who have decided to downsize, a counter movement. This downsizing is moving to a smaller house, sometimes even to a house that is even smaller than an apartment. There is a new fad towards what is called Tiny Houses, and just smaller real estate in general.

What are they? A tiny house is a home that is made at a drastically smaller scale. Where an average American home is over 2,000 square feet, a tiny house is usually…

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Stone Garden Path

If there is something that will give you more access to your yard, make it look prettier, and give you a fun project for a few Saturdays, it's creating a path. Paths can come in many different shapes and sizes and you can put them nearly anywhere: front yards, back yards, in the garden. You can have paths professionally put in by landscapers if you prefer or you can look to purchase a home with a path already artistically put in. Putting a path in to spruce up an otherwise common yard isn't a bad idea for home sellers, either. Regardless, one doesn't need a reason to start working on their path besides the desire to increase the appeal of the house's surroundings--here are a few ideas for you to start thinking about what you want.

1. Leveling and…

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House with Newly Finished Attic

For many homeowners, the attic is a place to store things that are out of season or used only occasionally. It can be a cold, (or hot) dingy part of your home; a place that not many like to visit often. If that is the situation in your home, this article is for you. Have you ever thought to do something different with your attic but never really knew how, even what, to do? Maybe it's never crossed your mind. Well, you can make your attic better than it is; you can upgrade it. Here are some do-it-yourself attic restoration steps and ideas.

The first thing you need to do is to assess your attic. Take everything out, clean it up and take a good look at it. You need to be aware of a few things: pipes, leaks, vents, chimneys, wiring, and lights. If you…

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Nice Two Story House

There is nothing quite as wonderful as walking into a house that feels and smells fresh. People who might be looking to buying your house will be be aware of every detail. Covering up an odor is not a solution- it often just adds to the sensory unpleasantness. There are many contributions to the smell of your house, both good and bad. The key is to increase the good smells and get rid of the bad smells. Here are some areas that might be overlooked.

The first thing you need to do to get rid of the bad smells is identifying the source of the smell and getting rid of it. Reading this, you might say to yourself, "Well, duh." Though this is an obvious conclusion it is often overlooked when people are trying to find a solution to the problem. Many people…

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Trendy Clothing Store

If you walk into the middle of the new Meridian Village, you will immediately see the centerpiece of the Village- the fountain. This majestic fountain has the capacity to shoot 60 feet in the air, with each powerful spout of water, the fountain creates beauty and life. Every hour the fountain plays a choreographed show full of music and colorful lights. Surrounding this fountain are several masterfully created statues of sculpted artwork. Meant to inspire imagination, these statues bring out the theme of the wonder that can be found in childhood. When asked about the fountain, the main organizer of the village, Hugh Crawford said, “It’s the most technologically advanced dancing, choreographed water fountain in the world.”

Next to the fountain is a…

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Hidden Door

Most people think that hidden passageways are only for books and movies; bookshelves that are more than just bookshelves don't exist and wardrobes that open into a new world is a fantasy. But that isn't completely true. Today, there are many people who are starting to install hidden rooms and secret doors into their home. Imagination of secret entrances and hidden doorways can become a reality.

Before you let your imagination transform into reality, you need to find secret doors that will last.  Quality is important when finding a company to install a secret room. Some companies offer a low cost imitation on secret doors, but the doors break easily and do not work for long. If you simply attach a hinge to a bookshelf or another piece of carpentry,…

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Conference Room Table

It's smart to look into the background of a real estate team that you are going to do business with before using them to buy and sell.  Have they stagnated?  Have they
developed a reputation for innovation, success, reliability, character?  It's fair to ask them what their average selling time is, their total 

How does a real estate team develop from a single agent to a team of 31 agents selling 509 homes, worth $107,000,000?  

How does a sports team go from not that good to being a world-beater? Sports teams and real estate teams have similar attributes that predict success. Teams follow tried and tested steps. A consistent focus on high-quality recruiting is among the most important. When recruiting though, it is imperative for the team to stick…

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