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New House in garden City

Both resale and new construction homes have advantages and disadvantages, and when it comes to deciding which one is right for you, it's a matter of looking at your individual needs and desires.

With so many important considerations to make over such a big decision, it can be helpful to make a list of the things you want and need in your new home and stack it up against the specs offered by both resale and new construction homes. You might be surprised by what you find. Here we'll take a look at the benefits of both resale homes and new construction homes:

Benefits of a Resale Home

Today's buyers, whether they're in the market for a new or resale home, expect to buy a home that's in good shape and one that will continue to cater to their needs…

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Nothing brings out the wonderland during the cold winter months like a winter carnival.

Instead of looking at winter as a dark and freezing season, a winter carnival makes it possible to see this season for its wonder and beauty. Every year, the Winter Carnival in McCall, Idaho makes it possible for many to enjoy winter's majestic awe.

For over 49 years, the town of McCall has celebrated in the middle of winter to find joy in the winter season. The Winter Carnival was formed as a way to break up winter days and create a time of fun in the cold winter air. This winter tradition encompasses everything good about the winter season. It started small: residents made snow sculptures and displayed them in their front yard. In 1924, this small town…

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Nice Two Story House

In the spirit to get creative and save money? With these do it yourself household tips, you'll be living greener while being more resourceful. Take these time tested and self sufficient hints and you'll love how awesome it feels to get the job done without wasting time and money on fancy store bought gadgets. Taken from around the web, these are the best – and some downright crazy – ideas you'll have to try to believe!

Coca~Cola Sign

No. 1 Coca Cola. This tasty beverage is everywhere – and while it's not the best thing for your teeth, it can be the best thing for your tools and mechanical gadgets. Coca Cola is an excellent cleaning product, probably best known for its rust busting capabilities. If you've got some small objects lying around your garage that need…

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Lush Green Garden

The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter -- which means it's time to prepare your garden for the cold winter months that lie ahead. You may also be thinking about the season's first frost. It's important to get your vegetables harvested in time, and here in Boise, Idaho, fall's first frost can begin as early as the first week of October.

Predict The First Frost

It's fairly easy to predict a frost -- the weather offers plenty of clues for homeowners who are getting ready to wrap up the gardening season. One of the first predictors is the day's high temperature. If temperatures rose to 75, it's not very likely nighttime temperatures will dip below 32. Another telling clue is the wind. On still nights, cold air is easily allowed…

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Nice Two Story House

Redecorating and increasing the functionality of your home doesn't have to be spendy or take a lot of time. Doing something as simple as rearranging your furniture or changing out an old faucet can do wonders to your space and have a dramatic effect. Between unique do-it-yourself decorating ideas and home improvements, here are five easy and inexpensive ways to change up your home.

Paint one Wall in Your House

Painting is one of the first and frequently tackled do-it-yourself home projects because it's simple and fast for nearly anyone to do. Known as an accent wall, painting just one wall is a safe way to add a splash of color without overdoing it. Before you take to the wall with a paint laden brush, first consider what cold and warm hues could…

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