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Running Shoes

Boise, Idaho is the ideal locale for anything outdoorsy – with the gorgeous Rocky Mountain foothills, a deluge of trees, and a clean, crisp flowing river that runs through the center of the city – it just doesn't get better than Boise. Because of Boise's exciting and beautiful geography, it also makes it the perfect destination for races, whether it's the daunting full marathon, half marathon, or super popular 5K – and even the most hearty and challenging of races such as Ironman and the Ultra-marathon. Who wouldn't want to run 32 miles in the scenic trails of the foothills? The opportunities to challenge yourself and go further than ever before are all over the city, regardless of whether you're a tentative first timer or a seasoned superstar going…

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Some of the most beautiful things in the world- what takes our breath away- are not made by human hand. The touch of mother nature truly creates the most inspiring landscapes. Whether it is the majestic mountains in the distance or the close inspection of a valley of wildflowers, nature initiates an awakening that has inspired artists for centuries. Many travelers have searched for the perfect landscape, the heart grabbing scenery that will capture them completely.

As time into the modern world progressed, however, the value on the fantastic artwork of mother nature has diminished. But all is not lost. In order to preserve these masterpieces, National Parks have been set in place to allow the enjoyment of nature to continue to the current and future…

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