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Boise River

Had a chance to hit the Boise River Park yet? The star of the show is two state of the art waveshapers – pneumatically operated air bladders that inflate to elevate stainless steel flash-boards. By raising and lowering the flash-boards, upstream water levels are controlled. During normal river flows, these wave-shapers create one roughly 20 foot wide wave and a longer 25 foot wave suitable for “green wave” surfing. The technology behind the wave-shaping allows for adjustability in both wave and hole surfing features regardless of the water level and time of year. So, if you're into kayaking or boating or simply basking in the sun and watching – the Boise River Park has caused an unexpected buzz throughout the city of Boise.

The Boise River Park is…

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Sawtooth Mountains

With nothing but the gentle crunch of leaves and sticks beneath your feet, and the towering overlay of Douglas-fir, Ponderosa Pine, and Lodge-pole Pine trees above you – the Boise National Forest easily reminds why you escape to this raw, forested beauty every year; or at least why you should. The natural landscape of the forest covers roughly 2,654,000 acres just north of Boise, Idaho – and is the playground of some of Idaho's famous outstanding recreation opportunities, all while being Boise's forested backyard. Folks from Idaho's capital city and the surrounding area disappear into the forest each season to pitch a tent, fly down the runs at Bogus Basin, hunt big game, throw a line in, or cruise along one of the many scenic routes to find even more…

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