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Can you recall the days when putting an ad in the newspaper and hiring a Realtor to put a for sale sign in the yard were all it took to get buyers flocking to your home for a preview? Perhaps you lived in a real estate market with a shortage of available properties, and buyers started a bidding war, resulting in your home selling for more than the asking price. Those were the days!

In today's market, you are competing against new construction, foreclosures, and the upgraded home down the street, so you need a firm plan to get your home seen and sold. Whether it is Warner Robins real estate or a home for sale in Boise Idaho, there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid when ready to sell your home.

Choosing the Wrong Agent

Your friend from…

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So you're starting to get settled in your career of some sort and beginning to look at housing for sale. Owning a home is part of the American dream and is a goal almost everybody would like to achieve in their lifetime. Currently, in the aftermath of the housing market collapse of 2008, housing for sale in the United States is still very affordable for anybody in the market for a new home. Mortgage interest rates are lower than have been in previous years. These low rates, coupled with nationwide lower priced properties, have created what many view as a prime buyer's market and an excellent opportunity for anybody looking to purchase their first home. Many first time home buyers are even opting to bypass small starter homes for homes they'd like to be…

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Why Build New

Are you tired of fighting all the multi-offer battles to get into an existing home?  In today’s market this is a new reality, but you don’t have to try to beat other full price offers--you can go in a different direction where you are in control. This is an especially good time for building Boise new homes rather than buying an existing home, here’s why:

Low Inventory

Not only can it be frustrating to search and search for the right existing home and not find one, it costs you time and money.   There are usually about twice as many homes on the market, but with many homeowners under water less are able to put their home up for sale.  This creates more competition, drives prices up, and allows for less variety and options for homebuyers in every…

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