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When thinking of makingan area real estate purchase, new construction offers many exciting, personalized options for homebuyers. If buying an existing home is about finding the perfect home, new construction is all about making or building the perfect home; it's far easier to make something to your exact specifications rather than find something already made that's exactly what you're looking for. We'll explain how nice it is to pick your own lot for a new construction home and how to effectively do so.

Benefits of Choosing Your Lot

Imagine you find a home with what you having been searching for all over area real estate and it's on a lot that doesn't quite fit, perhaps because it's not a convenient size or location. That isn't just a possibility,…

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A decision you need to make when moving is whether you want to live in the city or the country. Whichever one you choose, Id real estate offers lots of both, and they're not a few minutes apart in Idaho's unique rural and urban mix. There are many advantage and disadvantages to either option, you just have to decide which works better for you. You can browse through Id real estate on our innovative search engine to get a feel of both options to help you make your decision.



A major advantage of living in a city, like Boise (Idaho's most urban area) is close-by neighbors and proximity to everything you'd ever need. If you have an emergency, there's always someone nearby who can help. If you go out of town for a couple of days, there's usually…

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When you're buying or selling your Idaho property, you might think you can do it on your own without a realtor-- you could, but it wouldn't be a smart move. A top-notch Realtor knows a lot more about the housing market than you will, even if you know a lot, and Hughes Group realtors guaruntee they help you buy and sell your home at the best price possible. Having a Hughes Group Realtor to help you with this process will help you remain stress free as you sell your old Idaho property and buy a new one and that will allow you to make smarter decisions as well. Here's why having a great Realtor is important:

Narrow Choices

interior_kitchen1_sm_300Your Hughes Group Realtor will help you narrow down your options. There typically is a lot of properties for sale at any given…

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When you're moving, looking at real estate homes can be a fun and exciting time. You might have a good idea of what you're looking for, or maybe you're looking at everything, trying to decide what you want. If you're looking for a long-term home, you need to think about the future and things you might need and most experts recommend staying in homes at least for a few years to take advantage of the opportunity of building equity and more. So, while you're looking through all the available real estate homes, here's a few things you should be thinking about so that your're finding an area home that has maximum long-term potential:


Are you an animal person? If you aren't, you probably aren't concerned about finding a place with a big yard. There…

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If you're getting a little bored with your current home, there are many reasons why you should look into buying a second home in Idaho real estate. Second homes are often used for relaxation, work, or investments, but whatever the reason, a second home is great to have. When you've decided it's time to get a second home, here's few things you need to look for in your Idaho real estate search:


Location is the first thing you should think about when buying a second home. Do you want to live on the beach, in the city, or the country? You have to think about the reasons you are getting a new home. It's quite simple: if the location is ideal, you will love your second home. You likely will want to be far enough away that it's a chance of pace,…

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When buying a new construction home, you can't just go find an empty building lot and start building. There is a process involved. It takes a significant amount of time, but when it's finished, you have a house that's perfect for you. In the innovative search function you can refine your search to view nearby brand-new homes to see what they're like.  Here's a list so that you know a bit of what to expect when buying a new construction home:

1. Select a floor plan: The first thing you'll need to do is decide on a floor plan that works best for you. You can do this on your own, but it's often good to meet with an expert who can show you the best options for what you want. It's here that you decide how many floors and rooms, and…

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Smart buyers do theirresearch on the community before ever buying properties in Idaho; we know this, so we love providing all different types of interesting information on Boise and Idaho. Higher educational opportunities is a very important for both buyers and sellers. Some want to work at the university or attend classes, but even if you have been there and done that, the quality of higher education has direct effects on a community as a whole and sellers can use the great location higher education as one of their selling points. Boise is so great--one of the many reasons why is it has many wonderful colleges all around it. Here are the main ones:

Boise State University

Idaho's largest university, built along the banks of the scenic Boise River…

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If you love water
activities like boating or fishing, moving to Idaho is for you--there are a plethora of great Idaho lakes. Some are smaller and ideal for fishing, while some a large, perfect for boats and jetskis. Here's a list of some beautiful Idaho lakes that you'll love:

1. Lake Pend Oreille: Located in northern Idaho, this is the fifth deepest lake in the United States. It is surrounded by small towns and lush national forests. Because Lake Pend Oreille is a large lake, it is perfect for water skiing and any other action water sport. It also has some of the best fishing in any Idaho lakes, having a variety of large fish. The 37 pound state record Kamloops rainbow trout was caught in this lake in 1947. Northern Idaho is known for its immense…

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As buyers pull up to see the home feeling excited, hopeful this could be "the one," the first twenty seconds of them seeing the house is very important, as it will affect their whole feeling about the home. Those selling Idaho homes often think of making sure the inside of their home is in tip-top condition to get the most interest from buyers, but the outside of the home is frequently forgotten. Remember, the curb appeal of Idaho homes heavily affects buyers, so sellers should spend their valuable time on what's most important. We'll share some ways to increase the curb appeal on a home:

1. Clean Home Exterior. The buyer of Idaho homes that sees cobwebs will be instantly turned off, perhaps unconsciously. The image of the seller is important for the…

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Those trying to find a perfect place to live find themselves in a bit of a quandary. They want to have top-notch shopping, entertainment, and more which are located in more urban areas, but they don't want the crime and large city size that are part of living in developed areas. Boise property is the answer. Boise offers just about anything that you would want, but has that tight-knit, small town feel that is so comfortable to live in. We'll tell you why Boise is small, big, and a great place to live--it will answer why Boise property is so desirable.


Nothing is more aggravating than spending much of your day sitting in traffic. Boise is home to relatively stress-free driving, not the crazy type of driving that you see in L.A. or farm…

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