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boise-home-52_400When considering a new home in the Boise area- what is your priority? Are you thinking of a rural, woodsy environment where you can enjoy the quiet sounds of snow falling in the winter and birds chirping in the summer? Or is your dream home on a city street, surrounded by a community of fellow urbanites? However you picture your home sweet home, there are 3 key elements that you should consider. If you're ready to began your search for Boise homes, a good starting point is Boise Idaho real estate where you can sort by price range, bedrooms and baths, rooms, lot size, builder, school district, zip code and more.

Location, Location, Location

No, that isn't all three, but location is certainly the most important element to consider when shopping for a new…
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An Example of an Idaho BirdInvestors in Idaho Real Estate who have an interest in birding will be pleased to know that they do not have to travel far to find the best bird watching sites, because Idaho has some great sites sites along the Idaho Birding Trail and a great variety of birds to observe. 

What is the Idaho Birding Trail?
The Idaho Birding Trail is actually a network of trails that stretch about two thousand miles with one hundred and seventy five great birding sites and a diversity of habitats.  The Idaho Birding Trail is a product of Idaho Fish and Game’s Watchable Wildlife Program.

North Region:
The Idaho Birding Trail has its northern trail-head in the marshes and cottonwood groves of Creston Valley where one can observe a host of birds from the Yellow Warbler to…

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boise-home-14_400If you want to find a new home in the Boise area, your first question might be, where do I start? There are plenty of different options on the market, so with a little homework- you can still find a great deal. In order to find everything you want in a new home- you should have a good idea of what you need and how much you are willing to pay. The following are some other tips to help get you going in your Boise homes for sale search.

-Find a good agent

If you are familiar with the area or not- the best thing you can do is find a real estate agent to help you locate the houses that would be of most interest to you. Even if you know the area well, a real estate agent knows the market and can direct you to the houses that would fit your budget and…

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boise-home-17_400If your neighbor had the skills, time and tools, and was going to build your house, what else would you want him to have? Experience building homes in the area in which you live? Professional affiliations? A good reputation? You would want him to have all of those positive attributes and more. You would want your neighbor to provide you with a quality home on time and do it with a smile. You'd want him to be the best home builder you could find.

Where Do I Look?

Locating and selecting a new home builder in the Boise Idaho area isn't an arduous process but it does require diligence.

Here Are 3 easy, effective ways to find a Boise new home builder:

  • Newspapers
  • Referrals
  • The National Association of Home Builders

Those three options are…

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boise-home-17_400Have you ever thought about buying investment property in Boise?  Perhaps you know of someone who has and you are wondering if it is a good idea or not.  Have you heard of the late night infomercials about get rich quick schemes?  They make it sounds so easy but reality is usually a lot different.  Offering things like buying on pennies on the dollar, “flipping” them overnight, or going from unemployed to making hundreds of thousands over night is very difficult to do.  However, if you are looking to build true wealth over time, willing to do the work, and are patient you can be a successful real estate investor.  

  1. Prices are Low.  With the current market conditions and high number of distressed sales, you might be able to pick up a nice home in Boise…
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Top Reasons why Caldwell may be the best move you ever made! 

boise-home-37_400Are you considering a move to Caldwell, Idaho?  Does the open and spacious feeling of wide-open spaces, breathtaking views, and outdoor lifestyle sound appealing to you?  How about a community small enough to know its neighbors but large enough to provide the sought after services and lifestyle that is convenient?  Buying a home in Caldwell may be a great decision and now may be the best time in recent history. 

Top Reasons why Caldwell may be the best move you ever made. 

  1. Heart of Idaho Wine Country.  The orchards overlooking the Snake River Valley produce some of the most sought after grapes and wines.  Caldwell vineyards provide not only some of the most breathtaking scenery but also…
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Top 10 Reasons Why Star may be your best move EVER! 

boise-river-4_400Are you considering buying a home in Star?  Does beautiful open space nestled between the foothills and the Boise River appeal to you?  Is the incredible Idaho outdoor lifestyle for you?  Is buying a great idea right now?  Well it may just be the best time to buy in Star, where you can have great access to all the great amenities Boise has to offer but come home to a simpler life.  Where there are only a couple of stoplights in the entire town!  

Top 10 Reasons why Star may be your best move ever: 

  1. Affordable Housing.  Star real estate is now more affordable than ever.  As of first quarter of 2012, median prices are only $158,990.  For this price, you can buy your piece of tranquility.
  2. Easy…
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As someone who's already an Idaho real estate owner, or planning to become one, the more you learn about this beautiful state,undoubtedly you're discovering the more amazing natural wonders exist here. One of these wonders, located just 18 miles southwest of historic Mountain Home, is Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, a wonderful place where you can enjoy a wide variety of fun activities in the great outdoors.

For example, do you enjoy fishing, camping and/or hiking? Do it at the Dunes! There are boating ramps, for electric motors only. Why not take a beautiful, informative Guided Walk? Or visit the Education Center to learn more about the park's eco-system. Bird watching and swimming are also options, and Bruneau Dunes boasts one of Idaho's only two…

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A Home in Boise, IDHow can you select the best Boise real estate agent from the mountain of information that seem to be posted everywhere?  Just because someone has real estate experience, doesn’t mean they are necessarily the right fit for your next home purchase or sale. To help you make heads or tails of whether someone is right for your project, consider the tips outlined below.

1. Test Them Out!
Whenever you decide to meet with an Idaho real estate agent, test them to see if their ideas line up well with yours. If the agent is clearly committed to get the best deal for you and is willing to be readily available for you through-out the home buying or selling process, it probably makes sense to move forward with the relationship. If you start your interview with questions…
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An Idaho HomeBuying a Boise home can sometimes literally feel like you are inside the center of a tornado... and there are certainly things that can easily be over looked when dealing with moving that should be paid attention to.  Remember to get organized as early as possible on your move out so you can be equally well prepared for your move in! You are probably getting excited about the move out- but have you over looked things like transferring the utilities to the new owners, or making certain the mail and your important credit and license information has been changed?  Those are but a few small but necessary items that you need to consider before the move out or even the purchase.

Making Repairs
If you are making the decision to settle on an older home that has…

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