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While a spec home is not the right choice for those who want to choose every single detail of their new home, it is a good option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of owning a new home without waiting several months before moving in. Still, this is not to say that the spec home buyer doesn’t enjoy any options. Rather, the spec home buyer typically does enjoy choosing from a limited number of colors, floor plan options and cabinetry styles. By limiting the number of options available, the builder keeps the cost down. This, in turn, makes purchasing a new home more affordable for those who are on a tight budget. If you are interested in purchasing a brand new home, but you do not want to wait several months to have the home built from scratch, you…

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Cash is KingWhen looking for the perfect home to buy, many people give a great deal of consideration to the location of the home, the home’s amenities and the final cost of the home. Given the many programs that are available to assist with purchasing a home, many fail to consider how their down payment will have an effect on the entire home buying process. Yet, when it comes down to it, your down payment will have a long-term effect that will be felt all the way until you have paid off your home. Whether Austin real estate or a home in Idaho, here is a look at five ways your down payment drives the home buying process and why it is best to have as large of a down payment as possible.

#1: Opening Up Your Financing Options
While some lenders will let you put down as…

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Built-In Resale ValueWhile everyone wants to purchase a home that features all of their favorite amenities and characteristics, it is a good idea to consider more than just personal interests when purchasing a home. Whether looking at purchasing Downtown Denver condos or a house in Idaho, chances are good that you will someday want to sell the home in order to adjust to life’s changes. Therefore, when searching for the perfect home for you, you should be sure to consider the potential resale value of the home. By keeping a few key things in mind, you will significantly increase your chances of enjoying a high resale value if the time comes to sell your home. 

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the community where the home is located. Those homes that…

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mallard_boise_duck_hunting_325If you're considering purchasing Idaho real estate, there are many great attributes this wonderful states has to offer that will help this choice become easier. For one thing, Idaho is an incredibly beautiful state, with lots of great outdoor scenery, activities and events to enjoy If you're an outdoorsy person, particularly if you're a hunter, some of the best duck hunting around can be found in Idaho.

Since Idaho is not nationally renowned for hunting waterfowl, there is not as much competition for premium spots and birds. In Idaho, duck hunting is pretty much a "do it yourself" sport, as guiding or outfitting for hunting waterfowl is not permitted. 

Geographically, Northern and Eastern Idaho (particularly the southeast) tend to offer a pretty high…

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home-47_400When you decide to list your home for sale-
one of the most important decisions is determining at what price you will list the home. Pricing a home is not just a matter of picking a price, the price that you set for the home should be a result of thorough research and careful consideration of the local market.

Though you may be willing to negotiate a lower price, listing a home at a high price will keep many buyers from even seeing the listing. Most real estate buyers use the Internet to search for homes for sale. When conducting a search, a buyer generally will search for homes within a specific price range. If you set the price of your home too high you will limit the amount of buyers that will view your home. If buyers don’t see your home, they obviously…

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eagle-home-10_400When stains set in, they can be mean, and often times the stains are so stubborn that they seem impossible to remove.  There are some really cool ways to clean the meanest of stains and we will get right down to the nitty gritty and bring them to you.

Candlewax:  This is likely the coolest technique to remove mean stains there is.  There is no doubt that candlewax is a tough one to remove from carpet and clothing.  That is, until now.  To remove candle wax from carpet or clothing, simply grab a damp wash cloth and heat up an iron. Place the washcloth over the candlewax and place the hot iron over the top.  The iron will melt the candlewax into the washcloth and the stain is removed!

Bakeware:  Ever have a bakeware dish that whatever you cooked in it…

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boise-home-7_400Ever wish you had a magic wand that you could just wave and everything would be in place? Most homeowners feel like that, especially when things begin to get out of hand. There are few of us that enjoy housework, and it is not difficult at all to let clutter set in. The simple fact is, however, that without de-cluttering housework is a bear that takes up much more time than necessary. If you happen to be one of these homeowners, you’ll find the following tips on how to de-clutter without a hassle more than helpful.The first thing to do is get rid of what you don’t need. That stack of magazines in the corner, are they really necessary? The newspapers, the old clothes that no longer fit, appliances that you no longer use, and so on. Get rid of them all!…

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Downtown Boise's Hometown Addie's Breakfast RestaurantMany entrepreneurs looking to purchase Idaho properties know that when they settle in Idaho, they will be surrounded by a big community with a small-town feel. Many Idaho residents take great pride in their goods, products, and services, and are looking for ways to get their good names out there. When relocating a home and business to the area, business owners need to know how to get their products, goods, and services registered in the community. Enter Buy Idaho, Inc., a non-profit, third-party organization paid for by member's dues organized to promote their unique Idaho products. Any Idaho-based business can join—large corporations, small “Mom & Pop” businesses, associations of all kinds, and even government agencies—with the common goal of taking…

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The Beautiful Idaho Sky on a Bright Sunny DayActive, adventurous people often come to Idaho, not only as tourists, but as new residents to the area. When reviewing Idaho properties, they want to know where the action is and enjoy outdoor activities that involve extreme sports. Motocross, also called MX, is a very popular sport among Idaho residents. Here is a brief overview of the top nine Motocross trails and where to find them.

#1 – Cache Valley MX Park – Fairview
Just five miles south of Preston, Idaho, Cache Valley offers MX trails for practice and events. Amenities include concessions (hot dogs, snow cones, and chips).
#2 – Pleasant Valley Raceway – Kuna
This MX track is just outside of Boise, practices are $15, memberships available.
#3 – Rupert MX – Rupert
Just 58 miles from Twin Falls at…

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A Natural, Idaho WaterfallFor thoselooking to enjoy an outdoor life, investigating Idaho homes for sale can be the perfect answer to that lifestyle.  Among the most important attractions are campgrounds.  Idaho has hundreds of places to camp, ranging from the very primitive, which likely requires a hike into the site, to campgrounds set up for RV’s or camping trailers.  Some sites even have cabins available to rent.  Each has a unique set of features that attract a particular set of people.

The US Forest Service maintains several hundred campgrounds in five National Forests: Boise, Caribou-Targhee, Payette, Salmon-Challis, and Sawtooth. You can select from the amenities at each site.  Some require an advanced reservation, most have a fee for the use.  An example of the federal…

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