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Beautiful Idaho SunsetReady to soak your body in some natural hot water? Southern Idaho has some fantastic hot springs to enjoy. Lava Hot Springs is a prime South-Central Idaho real estate location. A small town with a population just over 500, the economy in Lava Hot Springs is booming due to it becoming a rather trendy tourist destination.

With the backdrop of the mountains and the Portneuf River valley, with the historic Oregon & California Trails running through near by, the city is noted for its natural hot springs. These are great for a turbulent and exciting innertube run through the downtown area.

Beautiful chalets, warm villas and quiet cottages in this town can range anywhere from $200k to $650k. This is a great place for someone who wants to get away from it all,…

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Beautiful Idaho Mountain LandscapeAre you wondering what you are going to do next weekend for fun? The McCall Winter Festival is a great place to stop by and visit if you have a couple hours or a couple days. With plenty of activities you can enjoy, stop by and enjoy the city. Running from late January through the beginning of February, this is one festival you don't want to miss.

Often called the Winter Carnival, this event many attractions major attractions, from the amazing snow sculptures which adorn the streets throughout the city of McCall, to the fun activities to enjoy. The 2012 Winter Carnival will mark the 47th year this fun, wintertime event has taken place.

You'll find great vendors serving mouth-watering food, lots of beverage options,  and exciting events and activities…

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An Idaho River Flood PlainAmong the sites for those interested in Idaho real estate is the Teton Flood Museum.  Located in Rexburg, Idaho, the museum documents the events surrounding the flood that resulted from the breach of a local dam.

On June 5, 1976, a newly constructed earthen dam on the Teton River, in eastern Idaho, catastrophically failed.  The dam was built by the US government and was allowed to start filling the previous November.  By June, the lake had reached capacity.
At 7:30 in the morning a leak began to appear on the face of the dam.  The workers at the site tried to seal the leak with heavy bulldozers during the course of the morning, but the leak steadily grew over the course of the following hours.  The workers, realizing the danger, withdrew from the area at…

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The Idaho Snake RiverA sea port in Idaho? Yes, that's right. The Port of Lewiston, located in Lewiston, ID is the furthest inland shipping facility on the west coast of the United States! For those looking for Idaho real estate, this port is one of those interesting facilities that underpins the economic health of the area and provides jobs to the local residents.  

Part of the water transportation corridor of the Columbia and Snake Rivers that reaches over 400 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, the Port of Lewiston is a fascinating part of Idaho.  The Columbia and Snake River system is the second largest water system in the US, second only to the Mississippi River and its tributaries.  The rivers have a number of dams that control the flow of the river, making it…

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Idaho RiverFor those that are interested in Idaho real estate, there are many reasons to buy and live there.  Among the many outdoor attractions in Idaho are naturally heated springs.  While many are too hot to get into, others are enjoyable and are frequently in areas that require a hike to get into.  A dip into one of the natural hot springs can be a relaxing portion of a day hike or can be the destination of an overnight camping or backpacking trip into the wilderness.  Other sites are commercial and have developed facilities for the visitor.  With the wide variety of sites available, everyone can find what is best suited to them.

With over 200 recorded sites, Idaho is thought to have the largest collection of hot springs of any state in the US.  Hot springs…

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Beautiful Snake River ViewMost individuals that are looking to buy Idaho real estate are also interested in recreation and other interesting sites in the area where they buy.  One such site is Island Park, Idaho, which is tucked into the corner of the state, next to Yellowstone Park, where Wyoming and Montana meet Idaho.

Island Park has only a few hundred residents, but is known for having the longest main street anywhere in the US.  Only 500 feet wide, it stretches for 33 miles along US route 22.  This unusual shape for a town dates back to 1947 when the town fathers elected to create the town to avoid the liquor laws of the State of Idaho.  At that time the state law did not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages outside the city limits of any town.  Because there were several…

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As you consider moving many factors will contribute to your decision—are you looking at Idaho real estate? Well, we hope this information will help you decide!

Bald Mountain, IdahoIdaho is a beautiful, breathtaking, majestic, and historic Northwestern state with picturesque cities and some of the most coveted real estate in the United States.  It’s a warm, friendly, welcoming place that will make you happy to be home.  The next step you take, should you choose to move to Idaho, will be exciting and adventurous for everyone.

Even so, you still have other factors weighing on your mind before you ultimately make the decision to move to Idaho.  In these tough times of economic uncertainty, probably one of the factors in the forefront of your mind when considering a move to…

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The Idaho Northern TrainHobbyists looking for homes in Boise will never be disappointed. Whether they enjoy model trains, airplanes, autos, sewing and quilting, scrapbooking, collect comic books, or are still playful at heart and collect toys, Idaho is the place to be...and Boise has a plenty of locally-owned shops that will please and delight people of all ages and interests. Below is a brief overview of five of the top hobby shops in Boise and the surrounding area.

Captain Comics
On South Vista Avenue, just west of Boise State University, sits Captain Comics—offering plenty of comic titles, collectibles, PC & Video games, toys, and card games (Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, etc.). They also offer buy back and have stacks of back issues for those who have been away from their…

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A Beautiful View in IdahoPeople looking for Idaho real estate typically want to settle in areas that are very close to where their interests are—art lovers want to live close to museums, foodies want to live where there is easy access to great restaurants, and lovers of outdoor sports—well, they can live just about anywhere in Idaho and never be bored!

Those who enjoy the diversion and Eco-adventure of zip lining will love Idaho—which has beautiful scenery and plenty of zip line options for everyone—beginners and experts alike. There are two major zip lining tour companies that offer lessons for those who are new to the adventure, and lines for those with experience in the zip lining field.

Zip Idaho
Zip Idaho is located on Highway 55, about 28 miles north of Boise, at…

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Idaho's MountainsIdaho has a lot to offer. Peace, clean air, beautiful views, great activities, and so much more. There are numerous recreational activities and sight seeing opportunities available to residents and visitors of Idaho. From snow skiing and snow boarding to relaxing on the white sand beaches, Idaho has it all. Idaho is also home to the first ski resort in the world; Sun Valley Ski Resort. 

Located in Blaine County, Idaho, this ski resort hosts activities and events throughout the year. Summer activities include swimming in an Olympic sized pool, riding the ski lift up Bald Mountain, bicycling and hiking, hunting, fishing, golfing, and even horseback riding. Winter activities include sleigh rides, ice tubing, ice skating and snow skiing. In addition to the…

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