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River in Eastern IdahoThe hot springs in Eastern Idaho are some of the most popular places to get away from everyday life, even if you don't live in the area.  There are two types of hot springs; public and commercial natural hot springs.  The public springs are on land that is considered to be public  such as the national forest area.  They are more rustic and provide a wilderness type of environment to soak in.  Though they are more natural in appearance, there have been many modern improvements made to the areas over the years.  The commercials springs all lie on private land and have facilities nearby with added features.  These springs have a fee required in order to gain access.

Many Hot Springs are located near a river and have camping facilities located…

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Home in Caldwell, ID. One of the many colleges in Idaho is the College of Idaho. This college is located in Caldwell, Idaho, about a half hour west of Boise and Eagle, Idaho and twenty minutes north of Nampa, Idaho. It is a liberal art college, enrolling just over 1,000 students.

The Wood River Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church conceived the idea for the college in 1884. It was formally opened in 1891 with 19 people registered. The first classes began in the church of downtown Caldwell but were later moved to a separate building. The campus was moved to its current location in 1910.

Student Statistics
The following information outlines the student statistical data of the College of Idaho:

·    The student body is represented by 25 states and 80 nations


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Beautiful River near Marsing, IDAre you ready for the time of your life? One of the many activities the Salmon River hosts is an activity known as Sprint Boat Racing.

What is this you may ask? In the early 1980's Brian Scott and some friends were watching car races in New Zealand when they came up with the idea to race boats in a similar manner. The sport quickly took off and has now spread across the world, including into Idaho. Not only has it become worldwide but it has evolved into a daring sport.

As any professional racecar driver will tell you, a specialized car is a necessity. This is also true of sprint boat racing. Due to the close quarters and the high probability of rolling the boat, rolls bars became installed and the engines became better equipped to handle high…

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Carousel in an Idaho ParkSilverwood Theme Park, located in Northern Idaho, is the largest theme park in the Northwest. Combined with Boulder Beach, this park covers more than 200 acres of Idaho and offers rides and attractions for thrill-seekers of all types. Because it is more than 400 miles north of Boise, Idaho, a day trip to the park from Boise is impractical, but there are many RV parks, motels, hotels and vacation rentals nearby to make an extended vacation both comfortable and enjoyable.

Rides & Attractions

  • Coaster Alley - From classic coasters like Timber Terror to the stomach turning drop of the Panic Plunge, the park’s thrill rides are sure to get the adrenaline pumping.
  • Boulder Beach - On scorching hot days, there’s nothing better than cooling off at Boulder…
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Idaho LandscapeOne of the perks that comes with buying Idaho real estate is easy access to beautiful natural landscapes. If you are looking for reasons as to why you should purchase some Boise real estate or any other type of Idaho real estate, look no further than the lush landscapes that can be presented to you by Brooks Seaplane Service, operating out of Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho.

Coeur D’ Alene is a northern Idaho town located about 30 minutes away from Spokane, Washington. The landscapes and environmental marvels on display in this area are some of the finest in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the entire United States. A Brooks Seaplane Service tour gives you a great chance to enjoy the sights. Brooks Seaplane tours are ideal because they:

  • Provide a Unique…
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Idaho WildflowersBalanced Rock Park is situated near of Buhl, Idaho. It is about a half hour drive from Boise, Nampa and Eagle Idaho. It can be found in the Salmon Falls Creek Canyon. The park was created near the majestic Balanced Rock. This rare rock formation is more than 48 feet high. The basalt rock was created by the powers of the wind and stands on an extremely small base. The picnic area in the adjacent park area is a wonderful spot to stop and eat, so be sure to bring along a packed lunch with you when you go. You will also want to take your still or video camera with you. The photos will be incredible.

The Park
This park is one of the narrowest in existence and is comprised of a thin strip of grass and a stream situated between the canyon walls. Balanced Rock…

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Within the state of Idaho there are several different financial institutions. These provide Idaho residents many different products and services. Whether you are looking for a bank to finance your purchase on an Idaho home or you are looking for a dependable bank to call yours there are many different options.

Idaho Independent Bank
Idaho Banks provides its customers with excellent, reliable service in a hometown environment. Founded in 1993, it was created to offer residents a service that was lost when a number of other banks merged and consolidated. Idaho Independent Bank believes that clients should be first in priority and has a mission of keeping its branches small and local. This aspect enables this financial institution to provide borrowing and…

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Floating Like a FeatherWhen looking to move to Idaho, many individuals wonder if there is more to do than hiking, fishing, or mountain biking. In fact, for adventurous (or curious) individuals, Boise has wonderful sites for paragliding. Remember, paragliding should never be done alone, and, for the inexperienced, the best way to have fun is to go with a certified instructor or professional. But for those who are ready to, or are experienced with paragliding, here are the top three spots around Boise for adventure.
  #1 – 8th Street
This spot is so named due to the fact that one must take 8th Street in Boise to get to the destination. Heading North on 8th Street, the road will eventually turn to dirt. Park off to the side after going past the last set of power lines. The take…
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Idaho real estate Home in a Boise Community- Boise boasts several community awards consistently from 2006 through 2011. This capital city has received national recognition for its superior communities, affordable cost of living, and friendliness. Boise offers quick access to year round outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, biking, kayaking and rock climbing and a slower pace of living without giving up city life's conveniences. Low sales tax, real estate tax, and low utility costs make Idaho very live-able.

A rich history as one of the major cities of the west in the early turn of the century gives rich cultural context to the Boise metropolitan area. Cited in numerous national studies which define some of the desirable traits found in highly…

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Beautiful Snake RiverEvel Knievel was famous through the 1960s and 1970s as a daredevil. Remnants of his famous attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon can still be seen around Twin Falls, Idaho. Part of the ramp is a place to see while you're shopping around for your next Idaho home.

Preparation For The Jump
Evel Knievel ran into problems from the very beginning of preparing for this jump. ABC Sports, one of his usual investors, refused to pay for the Snake River Canyon jump. However, Evel was not so easily thwarted and hired Top Rank Productions to film the stunt for closed circuit television and movie theaters.

A New Machine For The Jump
His next difficulty was what he would use to jump the Snake River Canyon Idaho property. No motorcycle could remain in the air long enough to…
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