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Beautiful Back Yard AdditionsSo, you're savvy enough to invest in a home? In that case, you're also sharp enough to avoid these pitfalls that would make it difficult--if not impossible--to resell your home:
1.Don't renovate the wrong part of the house.   Perhaps your kitchen is desperately crying out to be redone. In fact, it's shrieking, "Renovate me!" However, instead of remodeling the kitchen, you decide to redo the bathroom. After all, it will have a shorter completion time. The remodeling job will be less expensive than the kitchen.

Buyers looking for a home will not be impressed with the gorgeous bathroom; the image of the outdated kitchen will be burned into their memory, and they'll pass on your property. 

2.Don't always DIY There are some jobs you can tackle…
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Fresh Air and Good ExerciseOne of the incredible parts about Boise would be the Boise Greenbelt. This fantastic stretch of pathway is made for all runners, cyclists, and walkers. So if your looking for a home in Boise, its important to take into consideration the beautiful parks that run along the Boise River. The Green Belt and its parks are full of life. The stretch 20 mile pathway reaches from Boise all the way to Eagle curving alongside the Boise River. Anyone who ventures out on the greenbelt will also discover the many parks, museums and even a zoo that all residents can enjoy. Any home near this great resource would be an excellent choice.    LOCATION
There are many convenient access points to the Greenbelt.
There are 12 parks attached to the Greenbelt. These include:
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Downtown BoiseA move to the Boise area might include enrollment at Boise State University for you or a family member. Both the city of Boise and the University are growing and expanding.  

To meet the growth in student enrollment, Boise State has begun construction on a new $15.8 million housing project. This project will provide a home for an additional 360 students. Currently there are 2,300 students living in six residence halls on campus, as well as in numerous apartment complexes. To keep up with student growth, the university has doubled its housing capacity since 2004.  

Officials say the additional housing not only meets the growing demand, but will provide some students the opportunity to live on campus for all four years of their studies.  
  These new…
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What's in Your Garage?It seems like in most communities you'll find that people use their garage more like a storage unit rather than a place to park their car. Amongst all that stuff that is filling your garage, you could probably find a lot of useful things but the chances of finding something when you actually need it are slim to none. With all those toys, tools, parts, and pieces your garage turns in to a wild beast that almost is impossible to tame. Your are not alone in your struggle though, you'll find similar situations all across Idaho and even the nation. Don't fret, start with just a little bit at a time, use these tips and see your garage transform back to its new self.

6 Ideas to "Tame Your Beast"
  1. Sort through what is in the garage
Most of the clutter in a…
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What Lies Beneath The Surface?After initially buying a home, often folks go into "Do it yourself" mode. Its only natural as we all want to watch our budgets and many of us enjoy the hands on effort of improving our homes. Unfortunately, this is not always the best idea. Although there are communities in Idaho with older style homes that come at fantastic prices- those very same issues that result in bargain pricing may require a professional's touch. While it may appear at first look that "doing it yourself" will save money in labor costs- mistakes can eat up those savings and then some very quickly! 

Trips to the home improvement store and re-buying the materials can negate the money saved by avoiding hiring a professional. The homeowner will also discover that he can easily spend…
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A Clean Clutter Free HomeIn the past few years, several popular television shows have documented the lives of those surrounded by household clutter. From interventions with individuals who "hoard" excessively, to home makeovers focused on saying goodbye to cramped living quarters forever, many Americans can relate to these reality T.V. stars. Regardless of whether you've got rooms full of little-used items or simply need to get a bit more organized- uncuttering your house doesn't have to be mission impossible. With these easy tips, you'll be getting rid of clutter in no time!

1. Sort Through Cupboards, Closets, and Storage Spaces
Many individuals find themselves surrounded by stuff because they simply have nowhere to put it. You'll likely want to start your quest to unclutter by…
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Biking Through IdahoOne thing is for certain, when it comes to Idaho you will find a whole backpack full of activities to stay in great shape and have fun at the same time. With Idaho's diverse land and lots of open space to roam there are no worries about a crowded park or hiking trail. There is no such thing as "waiting for the equipment" around here! So let's cover some of excellent exercise venues for year-round fitness. 
Outdoor Only Activities
Idaho has acres of land set aside for parks and conservation.From Nampa to Idaho Falls the possibilities are endless. You could even take a tour across the state by Bike, and enjoy of all the great parks. It's easy to find ways to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.  
Hiking is a good way to stay fit and popular. With the mountain…
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Incredible NatureThe incredible Yellowstone Teton Territory in eastern Idaho is one of the best places in the west to visit. The grand scenery bursting with fascinating history and knowledge about the creation of this beautiful place, is hard to beat. It most well know for its mountainous range of The Grand Tetons, the magnificent waterfalls and also the serene lakes and rivers. There are loads of deer, moose, elk and antelope to look at. This is also where you will see wild swans flying and eagles soaring. It attracts venturesome nature lovers by the droves.

Yellowstone provides residents and visitors with a spectacular experience any time of the year. It offers many comfortable accommodations while providing numerous opportunities to explore the wilderness.

Some of the…
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The Famous Blue ContainerRecycling has become a way of life for many across the country, and in homes in Boise it is no different. Some people may think that recycling is too difficult and time consuming. However, the City of Boise has made it simple for homeowners — and businesses, too — to make recycling a natural, seamless part of daily life. And, with some recently added programs, its never been easier for Boise residents to recycle.

Curbside Carts
The mainstay of the community's recycling program called Curb It uses the blue, rolling no-sort cart program. Homeowners fill this cart with everyday, recyclable household items and the city picks up the cart every other week. The week a home's recycling gets picked up is determined by the colored decal under the lid, and homeowners…

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The Power of the SunFossil fuels are a finite resource, so in this modern era mankind is constantly searching for cleaner, more affordable forms of energy.  Idaho individuals should stop to think about one of the most sustainable resources of them all – the sun – and how its energy can be tapped.  How does solar energy work?  Can it really save money while providing efficiency?

How does solar power work?
The sun is the most reliable source of energy in the galaxy, and what some  may not realize is that it indirectly affects many other forms of renewable energy as well, including wind power and hydro power.  When communities put the sun’s energy to work for them they are doing their part to save the planet since solar energy is eco-friendly and doesn't produce hazardous…
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