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Potatoes first came to Idaho by way of Henry Harmon Spalding, a Presbyterian missionary. In 1836 Spalding began a mission at Lapwai to establish Christianity with the Nez Perce Indians. He wanted to teach these people how to feed themselves through the development of their own agriculture.  The Nez Perce people began trading the Idaho potatoes to settlers for other goods.

Promising Farmland

The first significant fields of potatoes were planted by immigrants coming to Idaho. This took place almost three years prior to the organization of the Idaho Territory.

 There people grew large harvests of potatoes in the rich Idaho soil. The extra crops were turned into cash which was used to begin a great potato market.

The gold rush that reached Idaho in 1860 also played a…

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Downtown Boise

Tantalizing retail displays in storefront windows...the hustle and bustle of shoppers amid a  buzz of activity, warm sunset colors reflecting from tall skyscraper windows, and the aroma of delectable food wafting from busy eateries... all examples of a metropolitan Idaho experience which may surprise some out of state visitors. In Idaho, its simply a matter of determining how much and what kind of big city life you are looking for.

Relocating to Idaho can be an eye opening & rewarding experience for anything. For folks interested in big city amenities with plenty of activity while still cherishing a “small town” friendly atmosphere, there is no better place than Idaho.  So, we thought it would be fun to share our top 5 Idaho cities and share some…

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Your Future HomeThe University of Idaho is a public university in the state.  Located in Moscow Idaho, near the border with Washington, it is a very picturesque and lovely campus with over 11,000 students in attendance.  
  Founded in 1892, the university is the largest campus in the state and is a land grant college.  Land grant schools were originally funded by the US government to support agriculture, science and engineering.  The campus itself is over 1,500 acres with more than 250 buildings.
  Topping over 140 degree programs, the university offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees along with some certificates in over 30 areas of concentration.  

The University is comprised of ten schools, as follows: ·   Agriculture and Life Sciences
·   Art…
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Making the Climb

Breathing deeply, the pounding of your heart resonates in your head... and each step taken is purposeful and victorious. You're tired...but a satisfied tired, as you feel a sense of accomplishment almost as tall as the peaks you are gazing at. There is nothing like your first glimpse from the crest of a high mountain peak... drinking in the views below... expansive and seemingly neverending beauty.

If you are up for a challenge and ready to take on the highest elevation real estate in Idaho, you've met your match in Mount Borah. Luckily Mount Borah, Idaho is situated just 23 miles north of Mackay, Idaho. It can be found in the Big Lost River Valley in the Challis National Forest of eastern Custer County. A rolling green valley lies below the…

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fountain_boise_ann_morrisonIdaho's warm Summer weather permits daily visits to local pools for those without the luxury of one in their own backyard.  Community Pools and Centers provide community favorite sources of entertainment, fitness, and fun.  Located in numerous cities across the state, these public pool facilities can be a deal breaker when deciding where to choose your new Idaho home, or just where to play for a day.  

All public pools must follow a number of rules, regulations, and inspections.  These are put in effect in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests, both residents and non-residents of the city. The following list will give a detailed analysis of some of the best pool centers in the state and some of their unique functions.  All pools listed…

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Individuals interested in Idaho Real Estate can’t go far in the state without realizing the magnanimous role that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark played in the state’s history.  President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Captain Meriwether Lewis to lead the Corps of Discovery in 1803.  Lewis, in turn, chose William Clark to be his partner.  On August 12, 1805 the expedition crossed Lemhi Pass into Idaho.

Mountainous Trails

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

Those considering investing in Real Estate in the state of Idaho can get a sense of history on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition, the trail stretches an estimated 3,700 miles from Wood River, Illinois to the mouth of the Columbia River in the state of…

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Many people are looking for Idaho properties with one thing in mind: starting over with a new career. Relocating is not just for job transfers these days, and when purchasing Idaho real estate, it is vital to find a suitable job that will sustain. This article takes a look at the top ten most productive Idaho careers, the ten that pay the most for the work provided as well as being a trending job in Idaho state; it is organized by highest paying careers first.

#1 – Pharmacists
The average hourly wage for a licensed Pharmacist in Idaho is between $40-$41. Job growth in this area has gone up nearly 56% since 2004 and is expected to continue growing through 2014.

#2 – Software Engineering, Systems
The average hourly wage for a Systems Software Engineer…

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Cold Stone Creamery in IdahoFor anybody looking to relocate, purchase Idaho real estate, and get to know their neighborhood, one of the best places to start is with the local shopping scene. To satisfy that hunter-gatherer instinct, below is a brief overview of shopping centers all over Idaho—from Boise to Coeur d'Alene, and Chubbuck to Idaho Falls.

Boise Shopping Centers
The largest shopping area in Boise is the Towne Square Mall, located on North Milwaukee Street. The anchor stores are Dillard's, Macy's, Sears, and JC Penney. The mall has two levels and six ATM’s. Dining includes a Starbucks, food court (with A&W, Orange Julius, Panda Express, and the like), The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Sizzler, Cafe Ole, and Olive Garden.

This mall is right across from the Open Air…

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St. Alphonsus in Eagle IdahoAnybody interested in purchasing Idaho real estate should examine the medical facilities in the area.  There are six hospital facilities in Boise that cover a wide variety of medical and health needs, and which make the Boise area a sound choice for residing:

Boise VA Medical Center
Idaho Elks Rehab Hospital
Intermountain Hospital
St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center
Treasure Valley Hospital

Boise VA Medical Center
The VA medical center is a primary and secondary health facility with 42 authorized beds and an adjacent 32 bed nursing home that also includes a nine bed wing for substance abuse.  Generally reserved for US military veterans, the VA hospital offers a wide variety of support and programs.  Specialized community…

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Rear shot of Idaho RestaurantMoving to Boise, including the areas of Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, and Garden City, offers a smorgasbord of dining opportunities—over 1800 choices in the entire area—including food from each of the world's continents. Truly something for everyone.  Below is a brief overview of Boise's 9 most unique dining experiences.

#1 – Rick's Press Room – Meridian
Featured on the Food Network, newcomers to the Meridian area can enjoy a trip to Rick's Press Room. The atmosphere is casual with a “this just in” breaking news theme. Headlines from many different newspapers are displayed on the walls and food offerings include salmon in potato, chicken, rib-eye steak, and Fettuccine Alfredo.

#2 – Brick 29 Bistro – Nampa
Placed on prime Nampa real estate, Brick 29 is a…

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