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Decorating your new home is always an exciting experience. You’ve gotten all the heavy lifting over with, the unpacking is complete, and now, you can sit back and decide what kind of look you want for your new Idaho home. But before you go out and buy yourself all new paintings, flowers, etc, and succumb to sticker shock, check out these great do-it-yourself ideas for inexpensive decorating.

Bedrooms are usually one of the most important rooms in the house and short of repainting, buying enormous clocks and such, there aren’t that many obvious ways to spruce up a bedroom. However, never underestimate the power of an intricate headboard. Choosing sheets, pillows, and comforters are all fine and dandy, but the effect of a unique headboard can be that last piece to add to the puzzle of your bedroom design. Here are a few inexpensive headboard ideas that you can do yourself.

The Beach Theme

Now, don’t get me wrong, the beach themed headboard doesn’t have to just be for surfers or people who love to suntan, it can also double as a strict nature themed ornament. Either way, the method is still the same. To start you will need to collect several four to five-foot dry sticks or logs (the diameter doesn’t matter, but better that they are uniform to each other). Now, ‘collect’ can be buying, gathering, or scavenging; it doesn’t matter-- as long as it is legal.

Next, you will want to lay them side by side and lash them together with either rope or twine (unless of course you have some spare horse hair lying around, in which case go with that because nothing is cooler than horse hair.) Once they are all attached to one another, mount it on the wall behind your bed with either screws or nails.

Now you have yourself a natural looking fence or raft looking headboard. It may even add a natural woody smell to your room for the first few days.

The Library Theme

Whether you like to read, or just think that books are aesthetically pleasing, this idea will be right up your alley. All you will need for this headboard idea are a few books, some lacor or glue, and a piece of particle board (your desired size). Unless you are particular about the books that you want to use, you can easily go down to a thrift store or used book store and buy your books for a fairly low price (you will need to buy enough books so that when opened to the middle and set side by side, the books will cover the particle board you bought). The next step is the tricky part. Take each book and open it to the desired page. Then use the glue or lacor to stick all the pages, and cover, together so that the book will stay open on its own. Once they are all dry and stiff, take each book and place it on the particle board (be sure to paint the particle board prior to this step) and either glue them to the particle board, or secure them with screws. Once all the books are in place and all the glue is dry, attach the particle board to the wall behind the bed.

The Photo Theme

Photography is a widely loved by both hobbyists and observers alike. This next headboard pays homage to photography lovers everywhere by bringing its artistic flair to life. For this headboard, you will need to make your way back to the thrift store or dollar store. Usually, you can find mismatched frames at both of these places for a good price, however, if you want all of the frames to be a uniformed style, then you might want to head to a department store where they will have a larger selection. However, after you have found all the frames you need you can arrange them along the wall behind your bed and fill them with whatever pictures you like.

Lighting is another big part of decorating your home, and it too can be inexpensively changed to better suit the theme of the room. Lampshades can easily be found at thrift stores and dollar stores, and most likely located very near the picture frames as well. So, while you are picking out your picture frames or books for your headboard, take a look at the lampshades for a few cheap ones you can change, or at least practice on.

Skyline Night Light

Once you have a lampshade you are willing to manipulate, you can, using a pin, poke holes through the fabric in the shape of your favorite cities skyline. This can easily be done by printing up a picture of said skyline, taping the picture to the lampshade and then poking holes along the outlines of the buildings. In no time, you will have a beautiful decorative lampshade to light your room. You can even use the pin to add stars above the skyline for a more night time effect.

Logless Fireplace

There are many homes in Idaho with fireplaces-- sometimes having more than one. However, if you don’t want to light a fire in your fireplace for whatever reason, you can easily achieve the same warm lighting effect without all the mess and soot. This can be done with inexpensive candles. They can be of any size or color; uniform or not, you just need a candle or two. Lighting the candles will add a little more warm lighting to the room without lighting an actual fire. This allows for quick and easy cabin style lighting with a little-added warmth.

A new home is a special thing, so make it look the way you want it to. Liven it up however you like and make it your own. There are many more ideas online, so keep looking if these aren’t for you, and don’t stop until you have it the way you like it.

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