Elevate Your New Home to a Higher Standard of Style: Lofts


On your home search through the Treasure Valley you have probably run into many properties that have unique architectural characteristics. These may include things like columns, spiral stair cases, etc; but one of unique characteristic of some homes you may have underestimated is the loft. Though it may not seem like much, a loft can be an easy way to add a room with some extra character to your new home. Lofts are usually more finished than a typical attic so transforming it into another room or a storage area should be much easier than if you were to do it in an attic.

The following are several ideas for transforming your loft into useful, and aesthetically pleasing, space. Before you begin, however, remember to have it inspected for safety. Your loft may have a weight limit that will prevent you from standing or putting things up there. So, be sure your loft is weight bearing before you begin its transformation; and don’t forget to add some guard rails to prevent falls


This may be the most common use for a loft, because, let’s face it, we all could use a little extra room now and then. It may seem a little tacky, but with some imagination, you can make your loft storage unit into a roomy storage area that looks great too. Storing things up on the loft, instead of the basement, is a great asset to you because then, if your home floods, you won’t have to worry about heirlooms or pictures getting water damage.

There are also many ways that you can maximise the space in your loft for storage. For instance, you can get yourself some metal shelves that are typically used in garages and set them up in your loft. Then you could get storage bins or organizers and presto you have a working storage area right at your fingertips.


Private libraries are becoming more and more popular in new construction. Their classy elegance provide a sophisticated atmosphere and gives homeowners a place to enjoy their favorite books, magazines, and newspapers. Whether you are a big reader or not, a library is also a great place for a simple retreat when you want to unwind from the stress of the day.

Transforming your loft into a library is not a very complicated process, depending how elaborate you want to make it. For the most part, all you really need are bookshelves, a chair of some kind and maybe some light-- if there aren’t already lights up there.

A Getaway Suite

Many of us like to have a place where we can slip off to to get some quick shut eye, and the loft can be your ticket to dreamland. All it really takes is a loft, a daybed or futon and whatever else you require for sleep. If your loft is in direct sunlight, or is in a room that just doesn’t get dark, you may consider putting up curtains or walls, if you want, to block the light. Also, make sure again, as with all of these suggestions, to have proper safety equipment installed. In the case of the getaway suite, you will want to make sure there is good quality guard rail so you don’t roll off on accident.

Guest Room

This idea is very close to the previous one because you would do all the same steps for preparation, but use it for something different. We all have those times when someone sleeps over, and if you don’t have any extra bedrooms, one of you will be destined to be on the couch. However, with a futon or small mattress or futon you can easily have a place for you or your guest when the time comes. The Home Office

Working from home is becoming more and more common; and when you have a loft, what better use for it than a simple home office? After your safety equipment is installed all you really need now for the transformation to be complete is a desk, chair, computer, and whatever else you job requires. It can be a nice way to separate home and work while still having the convenience of working at home. Hobby Room

There are many great pursuits in the world, and a lot of them they take up space; space you may not have in your new home. Depending on the size of your loft and the hobbies you do, you can easily convert the loft into a space for them. So, whether you like coin collecting and need space to put them all, or enjoy making flies for fly fishing, the loft could be your ticket to your own hobby space. Remember, Safety First

Though it has already been said earlier, it is important to remember safety when you are doing anything with your loft. Be sure that it can support weight prior to standing or storing anything up there. Also, remember to install guard rails so you won’t be likely to fall, as well as a sturdy ladder. Even if you do end up making the perfect napping station or home office up in your loft, it won’t be worth it if you get hurt while you are up there or when you are trying to come down.

These suggestions are only a few of the many things you can do with your loft, it just depends on you imagination and what you need out of your home. Converting lofts into utilizable space can be fun, exciting and rewarding, so keep thinking and keep searching until you find the idea that is right for your loft.

Though our website doesn’t have a ‘search for homes with lofts’ feature, it does include dozens of useful search options like, homes with fireplaces, homes with sheds, or homes only built on one floor. Not to mention the standard square footage, bedrooms, and price search possibilities.

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