Get Some Great Ideas for Your Garden, No Matter Its Size



Over the last few decades, gardening has become more and more popular. It is a pastime that has not only helped people save money, but has also helped them come get more in touch with the great outdoors. Especially here in Idaho, the gardening craze is strong and alive. Many people have found bounteous reasons for why they love gardening both financial and physically, but, if you are like many Americans, having a garden may be hard (or even impossible) due to space restrictions. Even here in Idaho, there are many apartments and homes that have little to no space for plants. However frustrating as it may be, there are still some ways that you can maximize the space you do have, even if it is inside your home.

Branch Out From the Traditional Backyard Garden

Typically, a standard garden will be placed in the backyard of a home because of the backyard’s protection and privacy. However, when it comes to planting a garden, you aren’t restricted to the backyard. If perchance, you have a little room in your front yard to spare, you may consider putting your garden in the front of your home. Be sure, however, to make sure that wherever you dig, front or back, that you know where your power lines and sprinkler systems are buried as to not cause damage or injury.

However, if you want to get around digging and potentially damaging your yard, you may want to try using raised planters. You can make a raised planter out of anything really, cinder blocks, wood, railroad ties etc. But, if you do dig, be sure section off the area that will be your garden so it will not be stepped in. This is a specifically important when it comes to planting in the front yard seeing a there is much more foot traffic in the front compared to the back.

Work Your Way Up to Higher Plains and Utilize the Roof of Your Home

Putting a garden on your roof is a good move for people who are low on space. This can be for many reasons. However, before you start climbing up on the roof of your home be sure to follow all safety protocols necessary. After you know that you can even get on top of your roof, make sure that it can hold the weight of the garden you want. Once you know that it will hold you can start figuring what all you can put up there.

A rooftop garden can give you a great advantage gardening because it will your garden more exposure to the sun than it would on the ground. It will also be out of reach of foot traffic or animals that would walk through it. However, you will still want some sort of covering to deter birds and squirrels from eating your food. Use Window Planters

This is an idea that has been utilized for years by apartment dwellers for years. All you need is an inexpensive planter box and the seeds you wish to plant. The only problem is the type of plants you can grow in a planter box is quite limited compared to what you can plant in a proper plot. However, after a quick discussion with a plant expert or someone at the garden supply store you can easily find out what you can plant to maximize the efficacy of your planter box. As a replacement for the planter box, you may also consider using a five-gallon bucket for your garden. This will allow you to grow things that need much more root room. There are many strategies for five-gallon gardening online that will help you to make the five-gallon bucket garden more efficient. For instance, some root plants can be expanded vertically instead of planting a number of them side by side; thus allowing you to grow more per bucket.

Utilize a Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers that hang over the back of the door are quite useful for people trying to make the most of a small garden. The shoe organizers have a lot of small pockets which are perfect for herbs. Since herbs are usually smaller than other edible plants, they don’t need much space and can be grown in small spaces. Among the many ideas online for herb gardens, there is this idea of using an over the door shoe organizer. Now, it isn’t just a matter of filling the pocket with dirt and a seed, the organizers pockets need to be modified slightly beforehand. The number one modification that needs to take place is that they need to be able to retain a little water while allowing the excess to drain away. For this reason, you will want to put a little plastic lining on the insides of the pockets and poke a few holes into the bottom to prevent overwatering. Since you will be poking holes in the pockets, you will want to make sure that this water can drain into a bucket or something so you don’t damage the floor of your home.

Double Plant in Your Garden

Once you have your garden and you know what you want to plant, you may want to see which kinds of the plants you picked can be planted in the same space. For instance, corn and peas. These two vegetables are a great example of symbiotic growing, because, if you plant your peas at the base of your corn, the vines of the peas will climb the stalk of the corn. This way you won’t need a separate place for your peas, nor a trellis for them to climb. Corn can also be planted in the same area as squash or watermelon. The reason this works is because the corn grows vertically while squash and watermelon grow on vines along the ground. So, if you plant them close by they won’t be competing much for space; rather, your squash and watermelon will weave their way through the garden and grow wherever they are comfortable.

Growing a garden can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavor, and for many years, people with small or nonexistent yards have been coming up with ways to maximize their harvest each year. There are more ideas than these online, so find the ones that work for your situation, and get digging.

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