Home Upgrades that Pay Off: Part 2


Upgrading your home is an important phase of the listing process. If you want to list your home, and it has endured many years of love, you will want to see what kinds of upgrades you can do to raise its resale value. In a previous article we talked about the more important things to upgrade in your home. If you are finished with all of those upgrades and are looking for more, look no further. Here are five more upgrades that can pay off big time when it comes time to selling your home. The first thing to consider is how you can get more space in the home—this can be actual or perceived. If you can raise the actual square footage of your home, then, by all means, do it. Some ideas for adding more square footage include building extra rooms, recessing bookshelves into the wall, or knocking down walls. However, if you can’t knock down a wall or start putting up bookshelves into the wall, then do what you can to make the home look like it has more space.

There are various techniques that you can use to do this. Some for some people, the first step is to cut the clutter. For many real estate agents, the first thing they tell their clients to do when they want to list a house is to reduce the amount of stuff in your house by at least 50%. This means everything from furniture to trinkets. By taking out an extra couch or two and arranging the remaining furniture to give a more spacious look to the room, you can easily fool the eye into thinking that the room has more space than it really does. You can also hang mirrors on the wall which will allow visitor’s vision to extend beyond the wall giving the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is.

Next to more living space, storage space is another upgrade that can really pay off. Many people, when the move, either temporarily or perpetually need more space for storage. It is just a fact, many of us hold on to items, trinkets, and heirlooms for one reason or another. So, in light of that fact, it is best to do whatever you can to add storage to your home. This could be renovating your attic, building a shed in the back or side yard, or just adding shelves in the garage. It is highly unlikely that you will have the time to dig a whole new basement or extend the crawlspace before your desired listing date, but if you do, and you have funds, then that is another possibility for increasing your home’s storage.

Another big part of a home upgrade is the upgrading of windows. There are many benefits to them besides their looks. For instance, if you have newer windows, they are built with newer and better technology which makes them better at blocking your climate controlled air from leaving the house. It also means that it will most likely be better at blocking out outside disturbances like road noise.

When installing new windows you can also have them be more user friendly than the ones that you previously had. For instance, you can get windows that can open wider or in special ways for easy cleaning or ones that have better locks. Another great feature to look for in window upgrades is the partially open lock. Many people like to sleep with windows open, but, that can be dangerous due to intruders. To combat this there are windows that have a second lock so that you can open the window a few inches lock it from opening any farther.

In the past decade or so, green living has become a more popular lifestyle—especially in real estate. When you build a home that is green then you not only make it better for the environment, but better for the pocket books of the people that live there in the future. This is because they use less electricity to work than other appliances which will make them cost less to run. When it comes to green living, the experts would have to be the people at Energy Star. You may have seen the Energy Star symbol on electronics at the store, but do you know what it means? The Energy Star program is one that tests electronic of all shapes and sizes to see how efficiently they use electricity. If the device is efficient enough, it will get the Energy Star Seal of Approval. You can find nearly any kind of electronic device with Energy Star’s blessing. For instance, in the home building process, builders can get Energy Star approved air conditioners, washers and dryers, dishwashers, ranges, and refrigerators; not to mention light bulbs. If your home was not built with these appliances, you might want to have them put in. Even if you don’t sell the home, they will pay themselves off quickly and start saving you money almost immediately.

Basements, if you have them, are great assets when you want to sell your home. Basements offer homeowners many options for the extra space. For instance, if a homeowner wanted more living space, a basement could easily be converted into more rooms. Or, if they wanted to have space for a hobby or a place to play games, then the basement could be turned into a bonus room. Whatever the desired outcome is, the more finished the basement is, the better. If you basement is still just concrete and wood studs, try to get it set up so that it, at least, has insulation, drywall walls, and carpet. This will allow the future owners to do whatever they want with the basement with ease.

Whatever you choose to do with your home to upgrade it before it gets sold, be sure to follow all safety protocols. And, if the job is more technical, contact a professional for help.

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