The New Subdivisions of the Treasure Valley

In the Treasure Valley there are dozens of aesthetic and beautiful new construction neighborhoods and subdivisions. Some of them are luxury homes in the Boise Foothills, some are part of the suburban oasis, and there are even some that make up the urban environment of Boise’s downtown. These homes range from big to small and have a variety of amenities available. Amenities like dine in restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even movie theaters. The following list are a few of the most popular and highly coveted new construction areas in the valley.


The Paramount subdivision is located in northern Meridian off of Chinden Boulevard and Meridian Road, and is, by far, one of the most popular subdivisions in the area. Its fantastic homes and aesthetic streets are not the only thing that draws people to it, but its prime location as well. Where Paramount is situated makes it easy for residents to enjoy almost everything there is to enjoy in the Treasure Valley. It is close to many grocery stores, the Meridian Library, Eagle Island State Park, and some of Meridian’s best take-out restaurants. Not to mention that it is only a 25 minute drive from downtown Boise. For the people of Paramount, there are also many opportunities for outdoor adventures as well. It is only a few minutes from the Boise National Forest, the Boise Foothills, Lucky Peak Reservoir, and much much more.

Alongside the amazing homes that reside in Paramount, there are also dozens of fun and relaxing amenities to take advantage of. Inside Paramount there are plenty of parks, paths, fields, shade trees, as well as a pool, clubhouse, basketball courts, volleyball nets, and more.

Harris Ranch

The best word to describe Harris Ranch would have to be convenience. It is a hassle free community with well-designed homes, small lots, and nearby amenities. The homes are built to be comfortable, the lots are small to cut down on yardwork, and the nearby amenities make it so no matter what a resident might need they can get it with ease.

In Harris Ranch, the two most notable amenities would have to be the Golf Course and the Boise River. This makes it easy for residents to enjoy a few rounds of golf or just a scenic trail by the river bank. However, those are not the only things they have to enjoy. For instance, there is also a community center that has a pool with Jacuzzi, playground, and more.

The Harris Ranch subdivision is also just at the base of the Boise Foothills. The Foothills area is the space between the city and the edge of the Rocky Mountains. This area is full of scenic trails, exotic wildlife, and even great places for sightseeing and photography. Most of the Foothills are covered in a large network of trails that range in difficulty level. They are a fun way to enjoy an afternoon or morning off.

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