The Parade of Homes

For builders, the Parade of Homes is a chance to show off all the hard work that they have done and all that they can offer prospective buyers. For prospective buyers it is a chance to see what kinds of things builders in the area can do and to get ideas for when they finally get to build their own home. The 2015 Spring Parade of Homes has just drawn to a close and builders and real estate agents can now breathe a sigh of relief. However, if you unfamiliar with the Parade of Homes, it may not hold much significance to you.

The Parade of Homes is a bi-annual event that is held every spring and fall in the Treasure Valley. Builders in the area can submit their homes to be part of the parade so that the general public can get a taste of what they can do. The way it works is like this, builders who want to participate will pick a house that they have finished that they feel like is the best they can build and it will be open for people to visit any time between 8 and 5 during the week of the parade and people who wish to view the homes can drive from house to house and simply walk through the home and enjoy its fine construction. This last year, builders like Paradigm Homes, Alturas Homes, James Clyde Homes, and many others were on display. The route stretched from the Mesa on the west side of downtown all the way to the City of Star. There were several dozen homes entered into the parade, each more stunning than the last.


With dozens of builders operating out of the Treasure Valley, it isn’t a surprise that there are numerous homes that redefine great building. Out of the many building companies that entered the Parade of Homes, some of the most popular were Paradigm Homes, Alturas Homes, Boise Hunter Homes, and Eaglewood Homes. Each of them brought a new and distinct flair to the parade, making it the dynamic and entertaining event that it is.

Paradigm Homes

Paradigm Homes is unparalleled when it comes to quality building in the Treasure Valley. Their customized and personalized products make it easy for you to not only build a house, but to build a home that you can be proud of. They work closely with a select group of contractors so they can monitor the work they produce, making them not only consistent, but trustworthy as well.

The management of Paradigm Homes also prides themselves on the detailed level of supervision they place on their projects. They want to be precise—they don’t want to sell a home that they can’t be proud of, so they make sure that every step of the building process is painstakingly monitored for quality control.

Alturas Homes

Another popular and highly thought of builder here in the Treasure Valley is Alturas Homes. This custom home builder focuses their business on providing excellent customer service and high quality products. The Alturas Homes Team strives to provide their clients with an extraordinary experience when they build their home, giving them, from start to finish, their best talent and craftsmanship so that they can feel comfortable that the home they build will be the best they can do.

Homes built buy Alturas Homes are known for being both innovatively designed and high-tech in their style. Each of their kitchens usually have stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hardwood floors, as well as the newest and greatest fixtures on the market.

Boise Hunter Homes

Boise Hunter Homes, like Paradigm Homes and Alturas Homes, is also a very popular and well-loved building company in the Boise area. They love building homes which is proven by their commitment to building the custom home that you want—not a predesigned cookie cutter. The Boise Hunter Homes staff has over 60 years of combined experience in home building, concentration on quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent craftsmanship. That take great pride in that legacy and plan to continue bringing Treasure Valley Residents the best homes possible for the next 60 years or more.

Eaglewood Homes

The highly trained professionals at Eaglewood Homes are as versatile and quick to adapt as they are committed to quality. They will building anywhere in the Treasure Valley for their clients, not just in one of the neighborhoods where they are already building. They will also help each of their clients through the process of designing and building a home so that each step of the way they feel comfortable and up-to-date. This great building company doesn’t just build in the Treasure Valley, but in other parts of Idaho as well. They build in places like Twin Falls, Jerome, and Kimberly—so, if you want their excellent services, you know that you can get them nearly everywhere.


All of the neighborhoods that have parade homes are fantastic representations of the great and convenient communities of the Treasure Valley. For instance, many of these neighborhoods are built to be functional, efficient, and beautiful. Many of them have parks built in to the neighborhood that include playgrounds, open fields, and leisure paths. These neighborhoods are also in great locations for enjoying the many amazing amenities of the Treasure Valley, brining even the most highly sought after golf courses, movie theaters, and shopping centers within their reach.

Energy Star

When a home or builder has an Energy Star rating, it means that they have proven that they use energy efficient appliances and electronics in their homes. This can be everything from the heaters to the dishwasher, and from the lightbulbs to the thermostats. Most of the builders in the parade are Energy Star certified, so look out for those when you go through the parade next time. When you buy a home that is Energy Star certified that not only will your home be able to limit how much of this good green earth’s resources are used up, but it will also be able to limit how much green is taken from your wallet.

Whether you go to the Parade of Homes for the ooohs and awws, or to shop around for a potential builder, you will not be disappointed. This Treasure Valley tradition brings people and builders together, making the building process easier, less stressful, and much more rewarding.

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