10 Ways to Make Your House a Home


You love your home and you are proud of it. But it doesn’t feel cozy and warm and you don’t know where to begin to make that house a home.

Well, there are many ways to cozy up your home in Idaho and still make it stylish.

Paint an accent wall:White walls can seem a bit impersonal. If redecorating a room is too costly, try painting just one wall in a deeper color. Sometimes this is called an accent, or feature, wall.

Plants and flowers galore and more:Fresh or fake, there’s nothing like flowers in a home. They are colorful and warm and mixed with a variety of potted plants in colorful pots give the feeling of coziness. Try big white flowers in a colorful vase against your newly accented wall.

Conversational paintings: Just for the fun of it, grab a canvas and splatter bright colorful paints on it. Don’t worry about symmetry. Don’t worry about design. Just thrown anything up and believe it or not, who’s going to know it’s not a Picasso?


Souvenirs: If you’ve been traveling, it’s always a warm, personal sight to see little souvenirs that have a story behind them. It’s like bringing conversation into your Boise home. Photographs with silly frames can also bring a smile.

What about cushy furniture? If you cannot afford a new couch that has the look of comfort, try throwing in pillows that pick up the colors of your accent wall and flowers.

Spiced up kitchen: What’s more cozy and warm than the kitchen as the heart of the home? Have spices and fresh fruit in the cooking area. Potted herb plants on the window sills add a special ‘feel good’ feeling as well. Reds and pumpkin colors can be used as another accent wall in the eating area and place mats that pick up all colors in preparation for the next meal can be added as well.

Candles:Scented, lilac or ice blue. Always a touch of home.

Wood: It is often homey to see a pile of wood next to the fireplace, ready to go just for a cold winter night.

Throws: Pick up the colors of the room in a multicolored throw for a chair or sofa.

A fireplace, a birdcage and even a little pine cone on the deck can bring a smile and warmth to your life. Colors, smells, rugs, throws, pillows, pictures and all that makes up any room in your home all come together to make a magical feeling.

When you walk into your house or apartment at any time of the day, you want your special place to bring a smile to your face. You’re home. Kick off your shoes and stay a while.

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