Summer Mountain Biking at Bogus Basin

Idaho is a playground, and you live at the heart of it. You chose to live in Boise, Idaho because it fits your lifestyle. It has all the amenities of a much bigger city, with the easy access to a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities of a rural city. That’s because Boise, Idaho is the perfect blend of both. It’s filled with entertainment, cultural, and nightlife opportunities, all the while being a great place to live, work, or maybe even raise a family. But after work, and on the weekends, Boise becomes your outdoor paradise, and one of the best playgrounds in the West.

You hit the slopes of the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area in the crisp Idaho winter. With late hours, night skiing, and over 2,500 acres of skiable terrain, it was the ideal ending to a work day or the perfect weekend escape. Bogus Basin isn’t just a recreation area in the winter. In the summer, it opens up to a whole new form of recreation. One that’s incredibly popular in the Boise area. Mountain biking.

The Shafer Butte Trail System

You crave the adrenaline of speeding down the mountain. The trees blur past you, a cacophony of green. The fresh mountain air whips through your hair, keeping you cool through your helmet. There is no other experience like this, and it’s only 16 miles northeast of Boise. Easy to reach, and doable in an afternoon after work. Embrace your outdoor lifestyle, and mountain bike down from the top of Bogus Basin. You may ride all the way to the Boise Foothills. From there, you may even continue further, riding to the new Eagle Velodrome and Cycling Park.

This incredible mountain biking trail and ride is possible, thanks to the new Shafer Butte Trail System. Whether you are looking for a short ride, or the ride of your life, The Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is a summer playground. Boise, Idaho already had access to the extensive Ridges to Rivers Trail System, but thanks to the National Park Service, the trails in and around Bogus Basin have been expanded, through the Shafer Butte Trail System. Now, you have an incredible trail system, where you may ride through the weekend all throughout the Boise Foothills, starting from the very top of Bogus Basin.

Lift and Shuttle Services

You don’t have to hike or ride to the top, though. Beginning in June, a shuttle will run from the Simplot Lodge to the Pioneer Lodge. This service operates every Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The cost is $25 per day for unlimited rides. You can spend the day riding down the mountain, and enjoying a comfortable and easy shuttle ride back up. You can also pay $10 for a single ride if you won’t be spending the day biking on the mountain at Bogus Basin.

During three special days in the summer, you will be able to take a ride on a chairlift. There are three all-day music events at Bogus Basin during the summer months. The events are held at the St. Luke’s Don Scott Memorial Amphitheater. In July, August, and September, you can enjoy great music, local vendors, and a scenic chairlift ride on the Deerpoint Chair. You can also use the chairlift with your mountain bike, in order to ride back down the hill. The cost is the same as the shuttle: $25 for an all-day pass, or a single ride for only $10. The chairlift will operate from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Both the shuttle and the chairlift rides are open to all ages. To find out the exact dates, and the most current costs, check Bogus Basin’s website. 

The Shafer Butte Trail System is open for the summer and early fall months. It typically opens in mid-June, when the snow has melted. It stays open through mid-October. When the trail is muddy, it will be closed, in order to preserve the integrity of the trail. There is no fee to enjoy riding on the Shafer Butte Trail System, so you are free to enjoy it whenever you want.

As a part of the Ridges to Rivers Trail System, you have access to an incredible amount of mountain biking and hiking trails. All accessible from the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. The Ridges to Rivers Trail System runs from the Boise Ridge to the Boise River, encompassing 80,000 acres of land, with incredible trails and roads winding all the way through them. This trail system is remarkable, and even more so because it is a unique partnership between private landowners, organizations, and government agencies.

Living in Boise, Idaho doesn’t provide with you incredible opportunities. It provides you with the lifestyle that you have been craving. Idaho is waiting and ready for you. You merely have to head outside and explore.

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