A Season of Fun at the Redfish Lake Lodge


In the winter, Idaho turns into a snowy paradise, filled with skiing, snowmobiling, and more. Idaho is a state filled with adventure and the rugged beauty of the Idahoan landscape. Just because it’s cold and snowy doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. When the snow melts away, however, the state really comes alive. Especially at the Redfish Lake Lodge, nestled in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains.

You moved to Idaho, seeking a certain kind of lifestyle. And you found it. You don’t want to give up the city, and you don’t have to. Living in the capital of Idaho, Boise, you have all of the amenities of a modern and urban life. But that’s not all that you have. You have incredibly easy access to all of the incredible outdoor recreational opportunities that Idaho provides, regardless of the season.

Living in Boise provides you with unrivaled access to some of the best leisure and recreational spots in the state. You are only 140 miles away from Redfish Lake, which is right around a three-hour drive. This makes the Redfish Lake Lodge the perfect weekend destination. Although, you might need more than a weekend to enjoy everything available at the glacial lake. Off the Water

The Redfish Lake Lodge is a historical place. It was built in 1929, and very little of the main lodge has been changed, apart from some additions. But don’t think old and run down. The lodge is far from it. Instead, you’ll enjoy staying at a unique and charming lakeside lodge, or you can spend the weekend in the modern, or historic, cabins.

You won’t be spending much time in the cabins, however. There is simply too much to do and too much to see at Redfish Lake. The crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches of this five-mile long glacially carved lake will beckon you. But you don’t have to hit the water yet. There’s still plenty to do while stay dry.

The Sawtooth Mountains are among the most rugged in the Western United States, and they are among the most beautiful and regal in Idaho. Take a closer look, by climbing them. The Redfish Lake Lodge makes the perfect base camp for a day of mountain climbing. They even offer a shuttle to take you across the lake in order to start your trek. You’ll be able to find itineraries, maps, and guides at the General Store near the lodge, or in Stanley, Idaho. If you are relatively new to mountain climbing, the Sawtooth Mountain Guides can provide you with climbing instruction.

After a day of mountain climbing, you wall want to go exploring the next day. There are hundreds of miles of trails in the Sawtooth and White Cloud Wilderness areas. Several days hikes actually start right from the Redfish Lake Lodge. And if the area is good for hiking, it’s also good for mountain biking. There are several challenging loops if you’re up to it. You can even take it easy, and enjoy riding a comfort cruiser bike around the lake for a scenic ride. Bike rentals for all ages are available at the lodge by the General Store. You can even go horseback riding.

On the Water

A trip to Redfish Lake wouldn’t be complete with actually heading out onto the water or swimming in it. You’d expect to be able to enjoy all sorts of watersports at a lake, and Redfish Lake won’t disappoint. You can relax on the beach and catch the warm Idaho sun, take a canoe out on the lake, or even go kayaking in the nearby whitewater.

You can simply enjoy the water, head out on the water, or even go fishing. Redfish Lake has plenty of fishing opportunities. The lake is filled with Rainbow and Dolley Varden trout, along with salmon. Redfish Lake is a great place for fly fishing and spin casting. You can get a fishing license if you don’t have one from Stanley, just six miles away. You can rent equipment if you need to as well.

When you want to just take a break and relax, you can go on a delightful lake tour. You’ll head out onto Redfish Lake for a guided tour, with knowledgeable guides explaining the unique geography of the area. And what better way to end the day than taking a sunset appetizer cruise? This can either be a romantic evening for two or a wonderful party with friends and family.

No matter what you do at Redfish Lake, you will have a great time enjoying the rugged beauty of Idaho, high up in the mountains at a glacial lake.

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