Color Camouflage: Making a Smaller Room Larger



There are plenty of tricks that you can use to create the illusion that a room is larger than it really is. A really good way to make a small room appear larger is by using all of the natural light that you can, or getting creative with artificial lights, and even mirrors. Cutting the clutter out of the room can make a big difference as well, as does arranging furniture to fit the room, instead of trying to make the room fit the furniture.

But are those the only ways to make a small room look and feel larger? Color plays a vital role in how you see the size of a room. If the colors are too dark, especially on the walls or ceiling, it can actually make the room look even smaller than it really is. White is always a great choice to use for color in a small room. White reflects light, which brightens a space, and makes it appear larger. Of course, an all white room can look too clean or sterile, and it can lack some of the charm you want in your house.

Color Scheme #1- Accenting the White

White is a great color, however. In addition, when it comes to creating the brightest and largest looking space possible, white is often the best choice. White is an incredibly versatile color, because everything works with white. White will accent your furniture and decorations, and you don’t have to worry about any of the colors clashing, because nothing clashes with white.

However, you might not want an all white room. It can seem a little too minimal or sterile, and lacks a certain charm. But here’s the great thing about using white; you can create virtually any type of accents that you want, and even bold colors work with white. Don’t be afraid of making an accent wall. A bold color, or even a softer color, works well with white, and it won’t diminish the illusion of space. With the other three walls of the room still white, it will maintain the appearance of being larger than it really is.

Color Scheme #2- Using Citrus

White may not be your style, though, and that’s okay. You aren’t limited to just using white to make a small room look bigger. Yellows actually work really well, and they can be a great choice of color in small room. You will want to avoid using too dark or too bright of a yellow, though. Stick with subtle shades of yellow, like a cream yellow or a softer banana color. If you like dark contrasts, yellow is a great color to contrast with. Use darker colors for accents, and consider using darker vertical stripes. Bring in the citrus colors by using a soft orange or a lighter lime green.

Color Scheme #3- Neutral color schemes

Bringing in the Ocean Neutral color schemes can work as well, but to create that contrast and illusion of a larger space, you will still want to bring in at least some color. Light greens, especially sea foam green, work incredibly well as colors to bring into the room. Sea foam is great because it works with so many other colors, from pinks, blues, whites, and yellows. Once again, a darker contrast color works well to add some extra depth.

Like the ocean, blue shouldn’t be forgotten. Blue works great with white carpets. Coupled with white accents and white window treatments, blue walls will create a pleasant vintage look. It both opens up the space, and looks incredible.

Color Scheme #4- Powerful Pastels

If you want to make a room look larger, and potentially more feminine, pastel colors work well. You will want to offset the pastels, like light pink, lavender, or lilac by using more neutral tones as trims and accents. Using a cream trim, for instance, to paint the door and window frames will complement the pastels nicely. Bring in some contrast by using darker colors, still within the same spectrum of color, for accents, window treatments, and other decorations, like throw pillows.

Using pastels, you can create a beautiful space, and by accenting it with neutral colors and darker tones, you can make your space look larger than it really is. With any color scheme, remember to bring in as much light as possible. Use sheer curtains and mirrors to create more light, and the room will look even bigger than it really is.


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