Designing a Contemporary Kitchen? Here are Some Must Haves




Contemporary kitchens are all about clean lines, modern technologies, and using old materials in ways. Contemporary styles draw heavily from modern design, but where modern designs tend to be clean, and almost sterile with white colors, simple lines, and virtually no decoration, contemporary design adds color, texture, layers, and unique decorations.

Because contemporary kitchens are all about using the latest technologies and keeping clean lines, there are some must haves for any contemporary kitchen, regardless of how you design your dream kitchen. You don’t want to give up space, but you still want your kitchen to be clean and simple. Of course, achieving this look doesn’t mean you have to give up any function, and instead, there are some incredibly creative and ingenious design solutions that will make your contemporary kitchen perfect.

Features for the Perfect Kitchen

There are some features that are nice to have in any kitchen. A pot filler by the stove means you don’t have to lug a heavy pot of water from the sink back over to your cooking surface, saving time and back strain. There are a lot of different styles of faucets to tie this into the design of your kitchen, and it’s certainly something that’s convenient to have.

A pantry is also a great feature. It’s a separate space that lets you store your food and any other items. They’re out of the way, so you have more room in your kitchen for your dishes, silverware, and even hidden or built-in appliances. But both the pot filler and pantry are great features in any kitchen. For a contemporary kitchen, there are some different must haves. Even without a contemporary kitchen, you might want to incorporate these ideas into your own design.

Must Have #1- Hidden Storage

In a contemporary kitchen, having clean and clutter free surfaces is important, just like in a modern kitchen. You don’t want dish sponges just sitting on the counter or on the sink. Use the space below your sink. It’s often unused anyway, and it’s a great place to add a hidden drawer or hinged storage area to keep all of those dish sponges, or even drain covers, when you aren’t using them.

You probably have dish towels as well. They are great for quickly drying off dishes, wiping up a mess, and they can even serve as a hot pot holder in a pinch. But you don’t want to show them off, especially if they’re dirty. By using a built-in dish towel hamper, you can keep all of your dish towels out of sight. You’ll have a great place to keep all your clean dish towels, where they’ll be easy to reach when you need them. Dirty dish towels also have a home in the hamper, and you’ll never have to wonder if a dish towel is dirty or clean again.

Must Have #2- Hidden Outlets

Be honest with yourself. Outlets can be ugly, but you need them, especially in a kitchen. Just because you need outlets, doesn’t mean that they have to break up your beautiful backsplash, disrupting the contemporary feel of your kitchen. On an island, place them below the counter, on the side. You can also hide a outlets underneath cabinets. They won’t be as visible, but you’ll still have easy access when you need to plug your blender in.

Of course, you can really hide your outlets as well. Hide outlets in your countertop, by using a system that lets you pull up the outlets when you need them, and then push them back down into the counter when you don’t. You’ll be able to use a pull tab to access the outlets. While it does break up counter space, it’s a great way to hide outlets in a way that doesn’t take up very much space.

Must Have #3- Hidden Appliances

While this will definitely eat up some of your cabinet space, it will keep your counters neat and clutter free. For a blender, use a roll-out system. You can easily pull your blender out whenever you need it, and then it will slide right back into the side of a cabinet, freeing up the counter space when you’re done.

You can hide all sorts of appliances this way, or by simply using a cabinet or a drawer creatively. Hide the coffeemaker, microwave, the refrigerator, and even your stove. In fact, there are some kitchens created around the entire idea of being a hidden kitchen. Everything slides into the wall or island when you don’t need it, and easily slides back out when you do. For the ultimate in clean lines and zero clutter, hiding appliances is a great design choice for a contemporary kitchen.


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