Simple Home Improvement Ideas for Under $500

Simple home improvement ideas for under $500

You know what it’s like owning a home. It seems like there’s always something that we want to work on next. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a new kitchen, or finally getting that walk-in shower in your bathroom. Upgrading your home can be a continual process, and as soon as you finish one project, it’s time to start another one.

Of course, home ownership isn’t all about wanting to keep making upgrades to our homes. But you do want your home to look its best. Fortunately, making a simple upgrade can really spruce up your home, and you can do it without breaking the bank. These relatively inexpensive upgrades from Money on will let you spruce up your home while potentially increasing its value. Not to mention, your home will look nicer for you, and you’ll enjoy your home that much more.

Cheap Upgrades that Don’t Look Cheap

Work on your curb appeal. When you look at selling a house, or buying one, you’re always aware of the curb appeal. It’s how nice the house and property look when you first walk up to the home. But, even if you aren’t selling your house, working on the curb appeal is still an important thing to fix. You want your house to look nice, and the outside is a big part of that. Depending on what you need to do, this can actually be a really inexpensive undertaking. Just need to clean up your driveway? Rent a pressure washer for the day. These are usually only around $100 a day, and a clean driveway can go a long way. You might even consider just upgrading that old mailbox. You can find inexpensive ones that look, and work, great. Otherwise, you might just need to get outside and work on that yard. Get rid of weeds, edge your lawn, and maybe add some color with flowers.

Fixing Your Front Door

There are all kinds of fancy doors that you can buy, but they come with an equally fancy price tag. You want your entrance to make a statement, and you can, without spending too much money. You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do, coupled with a new doorbell or an updated light. Sometimes, to get that feeling you want just requires a nice doormat and maybe a pot of flowers. In the end, you’ll have a nicer entryway, and you didn’t break the bank getting it.

Spruce Up the Inside

You don’t want to forget about the interior of your house when you’re doing upgrades and fixes, though. After all, this is where you live and spend most of your time. Fortunately, sprucing up the interior is easy, and doesn’t cost a whole lot. If you have any dings, nicks, or holes in the walls, patch them up. To make the inside of your home look brand new, all you need is some paint. You’ll be looking at around $30 per gallon of paint, so it will depend on how much you’re painting, but this is a great way to fix up the inside of your home without spending a whole lot of money.

A Whole New Light

The dated chandelier in your dining room could be resisting any efforts that you’ve made to update your house. Just get rid of it. It’s actually not as expensive as you might think. You’ll be looking at spending around $200 for a big fixture, and bringing your home into the current century might be well worth it. Of course, when you’re updating light fixtures in your home, you’ll also want to change out the light bulbs. LED light bulbs are a great way to go, and while they might be more expensive, they last for decades, and cost significantly less than incandescent bulbs on your electricity bill. Plus, you can get a much cleaner light using LEDs.

A New Porcelain Throne

When you’re trying to save money, you might not immediately think about what you can upgrade in the bathroom. But, if you have an older toilet, it will be a worthwhile upgrade, and it can even save you money in the long run. Older toilets can use upwards of 6 gallons of water every time you flush. Newer toilets use only around a gallon of water. That turns into pretty big savings on your water bill when you consider how often that toilet is flushed. The great thing is that a new toilet is only around $200, and is super simple to replace. This is also a good time to look for leaks, because those can cost you a lot of money in wasted water. Although, for some leaks you might need to find a good plumber.

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