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Atlanta Area Natural Hot Springs  

The Atlanta Natural Hot Springs are found within densely forested terrain, making this destination ideal for allocating a few extra days to enjoy a multi-day trip, filled to the brim with scenic views, outdoor adventures, and hot springs. The south face of Greylock Mountain sits adjacent to the town and features craggy cliff sides, and the possibility of a backcountry trek. Trails lead to justifiably unforgettable views from the summit and the possibility of locating a visitor's jar enclosed with scraps of paper including visitors' names, notes, and kind words.  

The Atlanta Hot Springs main soaking pool is ideal for a full sun soak most of the daylight hours, with generous room to stretch out without…

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Natural hot springs open the door to well-planned steamy adventures of relaxation while soaking in warm basins, most often surrounded by nature, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. The state has the most excellent usable natural hot springs in the nation, with about one hundred and thirty immersible out of over three hundred. Idaho's natural hot springs offer various surrounding terrain and topography. Choose the ideal region and landscape for the next hot spring soaking adventure and relish in some of nature's optimal outdoor activity opportunities.

Natural hot springs do not always require traveling to a remote location to be appreciable. However, a few of the prime locations are going to be the ones that are a bit more challenging and…

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Best Weekend Getaways

Visiting the state of Idaho with a focus mainly on the state's parks, mountains, ghost towns, narrow glacial valleys, wilderness with thundering waterfalls, historic cities, steep canyons, and alpine lakes await visitors from all over the world. How powerful could a day or weekend exploring the Rocky Mountains become if it meant traversing one of the many hiking trails surrounded by aspen groves, wildlife, and opportunities to fly fish?

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Idaho is home to over 3,700 alpine lakes, a few with natural trails systems, camping accommodations, and opportunities for nearby amenities. Discover locations with hidden caves, secluded beaches, spectacular overlooks, with the option of a…

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Adventure -

The expeditionary nature of choosing a journey that allows for maximum daily spontaneity is the start of great beginnings. The cornerstone for genuine adventure while enjoying the exhilaration of wildlife encounters, nature at its finest, with options at every turn, is one way to define the state’s greatness. Every day will boast opportunities to expand knowledge about the condition, its communities, diversity of wildlife, ecosystems, interpretive sights, and gather a greater appreciation for the history and culture of the community. You name it, and the experience awaits, with exclusive opportunities to check out alpine valleys, remote destinations, hidden discoveries, and perhaps take a tour by plane to enjoy the territory from the…

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A day in Twin Falls would likely start with crossing one of the most iconic bridges in the greater Northwest, the Perrine Bridge. Boasting incredible views over the Snake River and the Snake River Canyon, the bridge offers overlooks ideal for pulling over and taking out the camera. Find pathways ideal for exploration with interpretive signage with additional information on the area and a little about the history that helped make this city great. The Perrine Bridge is famous among outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy base jumping and revel in witnessing the incredible feats accomplished while conquering the vast open air. When passing by or traveling along the bridge, many may effortlessly witnesses this fun-filled accomplishment and display while simply…

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In the Bitterroot Mountains and the county seat of Shoshone County, Idaho, Wallace, Idaho, was initially established as a mining community in the Idaho Panhandle. Set up in 1884, Wallace sits snugly between the South Fork of the pristine waters of Coeur d'Alene River alongside what is now (Interstate 90). The town's population soared to high's nearing 4,000 in 1940 and settled to around 784 residents nearly a hundred years later.

Traveling to the area from the neighboring state of Montana (along Interstate 90), travelers might take notice of the significant presence of homes dotted across the Bitterroot mountainside. These extraordinary mountain homes and its surroundings experience four distinct seasons, including a dazzling snowy winter.…

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Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Magic Valley, Hagerman is a southern gem built around flourishing aquaculture. The presence of geothermal water that flows through the town makes it an ideal location to practice this kind of unique farming. With millions of fish spawning from this area every year, Hagerman stands as one of the world's largest trout producers, accounting for roughly 70% of U.S. domestic trout production in Idaho alone. The mild weather and abundance of open water year-round make the valley an optimal stopping point for migrating waterfowl as well as an excellent destination for a variety of water sports. Discover all that this area has to offer, from gushing waterfalls, prehistoric fossil beds, pristine hot springs to beautiful…

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Immerse yourself in Idaho's deeply-rooted history and diverse culture on display at various top-rated museums scattered throughout the state. Explore everything from historical museums to facilities dedicated to the strange and unusual. Take a day to check out some of the eclectic collections and informative exhibits showcasing the different puzzle pieces that makeup Idaho's history. Below are a few popular museum destinations bound to spark curiosity and leave guests inspired after a day well spent learning about the Gem State.

Museum of Idaho

Idaho Falls

The Museum of Idaho takes visitors back in time to reveal the origins of Idaho's cultural and natural history. Host to a nationally recognized rotating array of traveling exhibits, the…

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Bruneau Dunes Idaho State Park

The Treasure Valley offers no shortage of area activities and destinations that are sure to astound, teach, and entertain. However, surrounding the Boise area, the opportunities for outdoor enjoyment exponentially broaden. There is much to discover in Southwestern Idaho that is sure to keep visitors and residents alike busy exploring, taking weekend adventures, going on road trips, and enjoying some of the territory’s top destinations. Southwestern Idaho is home to some of the most astonishingly beautiful rolling sand dunes that may be found in the greater Northwest. Complimenting the existential list of area activity options in the Treasure Valley, traveling around 65 +/- miles to Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park from…

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Approximately 100+/- miles north of Boise lies one of Idaho's favorite resort towns and winter destinations, McCall, Idaho. This vibrant, rural city is situated on the southern shore of beautiful Payette Lake, surrounded by towering pine trees, remarkable landscapes, and snow-capped mountain peaks reaching over 8,000+/- feet in height. With roots in recreation, mining, forestry, and agriculture, McCall has since transformed its cityscape to accommodate a plethora of year-round outdoor recreation and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Prime Vacation Seasons


During the winter months, the town of McCall has some of the highest average snowfalls in the state, making for excellent snowmobiling, alpine, Nordic, and backcountry skiing…

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