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Bellevue Idaho Real Estate

Bellevue Idaho is the first of four towns you will encounter as you drive up Highway 75 out of the town Shoshone. The other three towns are Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley. These places, situated in the scenic Wood River Valley, provide fantastic recreation, arts and entertainment, and schooling. Here are a few things about the small town of Bellevue that might have Bellevue Idaho real estate catching your eye for your next investment.

Bellevue Idaho, like many towns in the area, started out as a silver and lead mining town in 1880.  In March of 1882, it became Idaho’s only charter city, meaning that, instead of being subject to Idaho’s constitution, Bellevue governs itself. This unique town is nicknamed the Gateway to the Sawtooth Mountains because it is one of the major routes by which you can access the Sawtooth Mountain range. With a current population of just over 2,000, Bellevue has remained modest despite the transition from mining to locally owned business.

Bellevue is situated in the Wood River Valley, which is a great place for outdoor recreation. This beautiful area has access to some of the world’s finest skiing on Dollar Mountain and Bald Mountain. These two major ski mountains are fantastic because the Wood River area receives plentiful snowfall and has little to no wind throughout the winter months. Your ski experience on Dollar Mountain, located just a half an hour away in Sun Valley, will teach you the basic skill of skiers. Then you can challenge your daring on Bald Mountain, also just a half hour drive from Bellevue.

The Wood River Valley is also fantastic for bikers. Sun Valley, one of Bellevue’s neighbors, is rated among the most biker friendly towns in the nation. This is because there are more than 700 miles of backwoods trails in the area, about 30 miles of paved bike paths, and several bike shops and restaurants owned by cycling experts. Bellevue Idaho real estate is especially attractive to cyclists, whether they be beginners or veterans of the sport, for this very reason.

Water sports are also a favorite pastime of Bellevue residents. The Big Wood River, the Magic Reservoir, and Stanley Lake are great places for fishing and all of its variations such as fly fishing and ice fishing. The middle fork of the Salmon River provides thrilling whitewater adventure with class 4 and 5 rapids. You can also try out your water skiing skills on Magic Reservoir and Stanley Lake. All of these places, with the exception of the Salmon River, are within a half hour drive of Bellevue Idaho real estate options available to you.

Walking and hiking trails in the area are also available to Bellevue residents. The Big Wood River runs from one end of the town to the other, providing a peaceful afternoon getaway.

Arts and Entertainment

Bellevue is located just south of some of the greatest arts and entertainment activities in the state of Idaho. The resort towns of Ketchum and Sun Valley provide lively year round entertainment, including music festivals, harvest celebrations, arts and crafts workshops, and athletic competitions. Despite the small population in the Wood River area, culture thrives with as much energy in this area as it does in Idaho’s larger metropolitan areas such as Boise. This makes Bellevue Idaho real estate uniquely valuable because as a resident of Bellevue you enjoy the amenities of living in a small town without sacrificing exposure to fine arts, foods, and celebrations. The town itself throws a fantastic party for Labor Day, with a parade through downtown, arts and crafts in the park, performances by guest artists, and much more. Bellevue is also home to a haunted forest during October. This small town knows how to celebrate the holidays, and has access to resort style entertainment in the neighboring towns.


Schools in this town are included in the Blaine County School District. There are a number of schools in the area, including two high schools, one middle school, four elementaries, and one K-12 school. These schools have small class sizes, providing students with more one on one instruction, and specialized programs for advanced students.

As you look for your next home, think about the benefits of investing in Bellevue Idaho real estate. This great town has access to world class recreation and entertainment, has a family friendly community, and provides great education. Talk to one of our agents when you find a home that appeals to you and we will get you started on buying your dream home.