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When I first wanted to buy a home, I did all of the research myself. I got approved for a loan, knew how much I could afford, and looked into the neighborhoods that were within my price range. After all the legwork was done, I called up a real estate agent (who will remain unnamed) and told them that I wanted to buy a house that they had listed. At the time, I worked Monday through Friday, and I told them that I was free evenings or weekends. They told me that they didn’t work those times, only standard business hours. When I replied that I was already approved for a loan and that I couldn’t take time off of work to see the house, they told me I needed to get serious if I wanted to buy a home…

That was when I was 23 and almost graduated from college. I’ve had my sights set on real estate ever since. I thought to myself, “Wow! If this is how most agents deal with people, I think there’s a real lack of customer service and hard work in this field!” I got to thinking, what would I want in an agent? Would they be efficient? Punctual? Working all hours for me? What about knowledgeable? Using my own standards, I set out to be a great Realtor. To this day, I haven’t forgotten about how that agent made me feel, and I strive hard to make sure that no one else feels what I did. If you are looking for a Realtor who works all hours for you, call me any time at 208-371-0092 and we can talk.

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