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Just saying the name, “Ketchum” or “Sun Valley, Idaho,” conjures a variety of exotic thoughts and images of fun and sun on the slopes of the picturesque Sawtooth Mountain Range.  Those looking for real estate in the northern Rockies would definitely want to consider Blaine County for all the following reasons.

83354- Homes and Lifestyle in Sun Valley, Idaho

Sawtooth MountainsAge of homes
The vast majority of the houses in Sun Valley’s foothills zip code of 83354 were built not that long ago, within the last half century.  Almost half the houses in the area – 49% – were built during the booming 1970s, and are only about 30-40 years old now.  Another 20% were built in the 1980s, with another 10-15% each in the 1960s and 1990s.  Only around 4% of the houses are over 50 years old, and about the same number are still almost spanking new, being built since 2000.

Home Values
Home values in the 83354 area of the beautiful Sun Valley of Idaho reflect the exclusivity and desirability of real estate in the vicinity.  In 2009, the median value for a condo or house was $331,690 (up almost 30% from the 2000 median value of $237,000).  The mean price of detached houses in the 83354 area was $1,677,550 in 2009, and was $576,396 for townhouses or other attached units (as estimated in June 2011).

Area Information
The Ketchum/Sun Valley area is replete with stories of an old west mountain history, combined with modern considerations of recreation and conservation.  From mining, ranching, railroads, and gambling, to winter sports and summer meditations, central Idaho has it all.

The region celebrates its loaded heritage each Labor Day weekend, with Wagon Days, and is home to several museums recounting stories of the past.  The “old west” feel is still alive in Sun Valley.  And speaking of fun, the adjacent Sawtooth Mountains and Recreation Area provide one of the primier ski and winter sport destinations in the country.  But nowadays, the fun is year-round.  The opportunities for exercise and enjoyment are so plentiful and nearby, that a local “Take a hike on your lunch hour” effort is currently being promoted.

Silver CreekNeighborhoods, Parks, & Shopping
Aside from the excitement in the Sawtooths, the exclusive 83354 zip code of Sun Valley is close to everything that the towns of both Ketchum and Sun Valley have to offer, just a short drive down Elkhorn Rd.  Several resorts and upscale shops and eateries are found in Sun Valley, but just around the curve in Ketchum, the options multiply.  There are restaurants from bakeries to grills serving whatever your taste demands, along with cinemas, museums, and night spots, all within walking distance in about a 10 square block area of “downtown” Ketchum.  Not to mention, it’s all close to your home in the foothills, beneath the deep blue Idaho sky. Check out Idaho Real Estate Today's New Listings to find the perfect home for you.

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