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Idaho real estate includes many wonderful places to live, work and play. One of these places is the city of Ketchum. Choosing the right place to settle, though, requires reliable useful information. Ketchum, ID is located in the central part of Idaho with easy access to skiing and an airport. It is southwest of the better known city, Sun Valley but still boasts the same quality of snowtime fun.


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Age of Homes
Most of the houses in the area were built between 1970 and 1979. Adding to the feel of the town are houses still standing that were built before 1939. There are approximately 157 of these historical buildings still in use. According to information gathered in 2009, there has been no new construction of homes since 2004 so a home buyer will easily be able to find more classical styles of architecture to choose from.

Home Values
The values in this area of Idaho real estate range from $20,000 to over $1 million. The largest number of houses fall in the range of $300,000 to $399,999. The average house value for Ketchum in 2009 was $943,258 which is markedly higher than the overall Idaho average of $171,700 in the same year. (Values estimated in June 2011.)

MountainsArea Information
This city, with a population of approximately 6,000, began as a mining and ranching town. However, when its neighbor, Sun Valley, became developed in 1936, Ketchum became popular with writers and actors such as Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway. In fact, Hemingway died in Ketchum and both he and his granddaughter are buried in the local cemetery.

Ketchum is located in Wood River Valley, with a ski resort based on Bald Mountain.This resort is famous all over the world for skiing. The area is also popular to those who enjoy other outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and trail riding.

Every year, the city celebrates Wagon Days. The old west theme is carried out in style with simulated gun fights and wagon trains that include authentic ore wagons.

Nearby attractions include the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens which includes an ornamental garden, a xeriscape garden and a research area. A new garden was added in August of 2005. The Garden of Infinite Compassion was designed by the Zen Buddhist Monk Martin Mosko. It was blessed by the Dalai Lama on his 2005 visit.

There is also a ski museum as well as some of the finest skiing in the world on Bald Mountain.

Ketchum is very concerned about green living which is reflected in some of its unique stores such as the Building Material Thrift Store. This store specializes in recycling furniture, appliances and even building materials, cutting down on landfill waste. Ketchum is proud of its uniqueness and its stores reflect this by offering crafts and the unusual. One visit to the city's shopping directory will show what an enterprising city this piece of Idaho real estate is. Dining opportunities range from simple cafes and casual atmosphere to fine dining at its best and wineries.

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