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Discovering Idahos Student Housing Investments

  Head off to school this fall? Its time to start thinking about housing. As anyone would know students have a lot of details to sort through. From registering to classes to sorting out housing arrangements for the coming semester, many different options are available to todays modern student. Regardless of whether its a decision made out of necessity or desire, more and more students and their parents are choosing to invest in student housing located close to their campus. While it can be tempting to simply snatch up the first property you check out, youll likely want to keep these two tips in mind, in order to protect your inve... Read More

The Great Polar Bear Plunge

  You’ve probably heard of polar bear plunges before, maybe even participated in one. But the polar bear tradition we have here in the Treasure Valley is one you may have never checked out. Here’s how it works: On the first of January, to celebrate the New Year, tens of hundreds of people show up at the frigid shores of Lucky Peak Reservoir to take the plunge into the icy depths below. Now, this may seem to be insane, especially when you consider that January is usually one of the coldest months of the year in Boise, but wait until you hear why these people take the plunge, sometimes every year. The reason is not what you’d expect.... Read More

From Silver Mining to a Booming Ski Resort

  When you visit Ketchum, Idaho today, you’ll find a beautiful little town nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountain Range. It’s a beautiful little town, with a population in the ballpark of 2,700 residents. The weather here is fantastic, with almost year-round sunshine. However, the sun doesn’t stop Ketchum, and the Sun Valley Ski Resort, from being one of the best skiing destinations in the world. According to the National Geographic, Ketchum is one of the top twenty-five skiing towns in the world. Ketchum rivals locations in Switzerland. What is it that makes this small Idaho town, that’s hidden away in the... Read More