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Henry’s Fork Foundation: The Voice of the River

Southeast Idaho is an incredibly diverse and beautiful part of the state. It’s filled with rivers, lakes, parks, and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities to keep anyone entertained and active. One of the most diverse river systems in the world flows here. It’s the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, and it’s a world famous fishing river. Henry’s Fork is steeped in history as rich as the fishing, and it’s a beautiful piece of Idaho that cuts through canyons, grasslands, and majestic waterfalls. It’s a thriving habitat for fish and wildlife, and there’s an organization that’s sole purpose is the protection and preservation of th... Read More

Need New Flooring? Why You Should Choose Hardwood

When you are remodeling your home, you’ll always be looking for ways to save some money. It’s a constant battle of give and take. If you want that granite countertop, there might just be something else you have to give up. When it comes to your flooring, however, you shouldn’t compromise. You want flooring that will last; it needs to be durable. When you think about it, you use the floors of your home everyday. You walk on them, sit on them, put furniture on them, and they can even be the finishing touch that ties your entire home together. For flooring with character, durability, and low maintenance, you might want to consider har... Read More

The Historic North End

  The weather is nice. A gentle breeze whispers across the table, and the sun is pleasantly warm on your skin. Over the sounds of cars driving by, people talking, and others walking down the sidewalks, you can hear the birds and the gentle rustle of the wind blowing through the leaves of trees. This is the best lunch you’ve ever had, eating at a sidewalk café in Boise’s North End. This is a beautiful and vibrant historic neighborhood, and a shining example of the lifestyle that you could have when you buy Boise real estate. North End is a fusion of old and new, urban and nature. It sits at the bottom of the Boise Foothills, and just... Read More