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Pocatello Zoo: It all Started with a Raccoon Named Pete

  The zoo in Pocatello, Idaho is a unique one, with the experience to match. It is divided by a towering cliff of lava rock. The cliff is around 40 feet tall, and divides the zoo into two sections, Upper and Lower Ross Park. It covers close to 24 acres, and is home to 77 different animals, with close to 40 different species. But that’s not where the zoo started. It has grown over the years, and has become one of the only zoos that specializes in animals from the Intermountain West. The zoo’s beginning was far more humble, though. It began in a trailer park, with a raccoon named Pete. It was 1932. The Pocatello Zoo opened it... Read More

World Class Fishing in Idaho: Silver Creek

      Idaho is known for it’s excellent fishing on many of its rivers. In Southeast Idaho, there are the South Fork of the Snake River and Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. Both rivers offer an incredibly diverse fishing experience, as the terrain of the rivers change. Each river flows through canyons and flatlands, and there are sometimes sections of rapids or waterfalls. But, they offer world class fishing, and draw fishermen from all over the world. Deciding to live in Idaho is a lifestyle choice, and it’s one decision that you should make if you love the outdoors, and being able to fish on some of the best rivers in the world... Read More

Finding Fossils in Idaho: The Hagerman Horse

    Millions of years ago, the land of North America was a very different place. Lakes and rivers existed in places that they don’t today, and over the course of time, floods and rivers cut deep valleys and swaths through the land. Very different animals roamed the land as well. Changes in the climate, terrain, and weather all contributed to the evolution, and extinction, of animals that used to live here. Today, all we find are fossilized remains of once majestic creatures that walked across the very land we live on now. You would never know it now, but Idaho used to be home to some very different animals. Millions of years ago, ... Read More