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  Building a new home in Idaho is not a novel idea. Every year, hundreds of Idahoans, as well as those who are newcomers, decide to venture out and build their own home. Building can be a tricky process, and, in order to navigate the waters more carefully, it is important to have a good builder on your side. Even though choosing a builder is a long and very detailed process, here is brief overview of some of the builders in the area. This is just for quick information, it is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all their pros and cons or what they offer—for that information you will need to contact each builder specifically. ... Read More

Homes for Sale in Meridian Idaho

  If you have ever looked into buying a home in the Treasure Valley, then you have probably heard of the City of Meridian. It is the third largest city in the state (by population) and is almost an inseparable part of the City of Boise as well. Meridian is settled just west of Boise—east of Nampa. It started out as a tiny farming community but quickly grew into the thriving suburbia that it is today. More and more people move to Meridian every year which begs the question: what makes it so great? What makes Meridian Idaho such a great place to live? Why have over 83,000 people decided to call it home, and take up residence there? ... Read More

Bee Keeping in Boise, ID

    There are many hobbies that you can occupy your time with. There’s outdoor recreation, there are games, and so on and so forth, but have you ever considered beekeeping as a hobby you might enjoy. Over the last few years beekeeping has grown to new acclaim. It has grown so much that there are actually several organizations in the Boise are that are dedicated to the education of beekeeping and spreading of natural bee products. In this article, we will explain what beekeeping is, why beekeeping is getting so popular, how to get started, and how to know if you are allowed to keep bees on your property. In short, beekeeping is w... Read More