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The Pros and Cons of a Wood Burning Stove

  All of our homes are built basically the same; there is deviance from the traditional structure of walls, doors, windows, and roof. After the basics are put into place then comes the fun part of making your house your very own home, and included in all of the many decisions is how you are going to heat it A wood burning stove just might be the ideal addition to your home, and here are a couple of reasons why There is a big difference to the research needed for using a wood burning stove as your main source of heat versus adding a stove to your home as an alternate heat source. If this stove is your primary source of heat, the w... Read More

5 Tips to make your home much brighter

  There are many reasons to want your home to be well lit. A well-lit home is alluring, functional, homey, and even gives its living spaces a brighter and cheerier atmosphere to boot So, for those whose homes are not lit to their satisfaction, increasing the amount of light a particular room has can be a pretty high priority. However, not everyone can just call up and electrician and have them wire up a brand new ceiling light, so we need to think more creatively. How can we brighten up our rooms without wiring up new fixtures? Well, today, that is what we are going to show you— here are 5 tips to maximize your home’s lighting with... Read More

Ways to financially prepare as a first time home buyer

  Because there are so many aspects to becoming a new homeowner, it can be overwhelming to read about the dos and do nots of the home buying process, so we’ve lined up a few tips that can help ease the nerves that come with the territory. The more work that you can put in before beginning the searching process, the better. This is because searching for the perfect place can be a stressful time already- you don’t need the added stress of having to decline options that are out of reach due to a lack of knowledge and planning prior to starting the quest to find a new home. So, sit down and figure out the budget. Talk to banks and get... Read More