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When Real Estate Gets Real - Real Estate Agent Safety Information

You have no doubt heard about the recent kidnappings and attacks of real estate agents across America. They can be quite scary, but if you take time to prepare yourself you may increase your odds of coming home safe at night. Now, this article is broken up into three sections: safeguarding your personal information, securing your computer, and prioritizing safety when with clients. Each section is important, and the topics may be thoroughly studied beyond just reading this article. WARNING: Following these guidelines do not guarantee protection from harm, though it may increase your odds of safety.  Beware of Giving Out Your Pe... Read More

New Construction in Star, Idaho

  Building a new home is one part chaos and two parts adventure. It is an experience that can be either rewarding or disappointing which is due to the nature of the project. There are many things that go into building a home like choosing a design, choosing a location, and finding a builder who will work in the location you’ve chosen, and all of these decisions can drastically change the outcome of the project. So, it is imperative that these decisions are made well and with much thought. STAR: a location unlike any other Located just west of Eagle and north of Meridian lies the small city of Star. It is called home by 6,600 or... Read More

Solar Roadways — the Future of Idaho

    The last 100 years has seen so many amazing advancements in technology. Today we have gadgets and gizmos that were thought to only exist in science fiction; we have methods of transportation that are more efficient and much faster than ever imagined; and we can communicate with people around the world at close to the speed of light. But, in this world of microchips and touchscreen mobile devices, what is the next great innovation that will shake our world? Is it hover cars, lunar colonies, or telepathic communications? And where will this great new innovation come from? Well, many believe that Idaho will be the birthplace of suc... Read More