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Finding a Home Inspector in Idaho? Ask These Questions

    There is one thing that you will need one buying a home to protect you from buying a bad house. Of course, you will always need a mortgage to buy the house, but the home inspection is your insurance. An inspection finds potential problems with a house. It lets you walk away entirely, or renegotiate for a better selling price or for the seller to fix the problems before you buy the house. A home inspection is a really good tool to make sure the house you are buying is up to muster. More than that, a home inspection is often required by the mortgage lender. So you need a home inspection. The problem is finding a good home inspec... Read More

A Tall Challenge: The Idaho Twelvers

    The great outdoors is certainly one of the biggest draws for living in Idaho. This state is full of natural and rugged beauty, and it has something for everyone. But just because Idaho is a great place to live for the casual recreationalist doesn’t mean it doesn’t answer of the call of those people looking for something a little more extreme. Idaho has plenty of great locations for BASE jumping and paragliding, and there are more than enough mountains for even the best mountain climbers to have a good challenge. Sometimes, it goes beyond just a simple challenge. In Idaho, there are nine mountain peaks with an elevation over 12... Read More

Tamarack Resort: The Best Place to Spend Your Winter

    The brisk mountain air blows gently across your face, as you adjust your ski goggles and get ready to push off. With a nudge from your ski poles, you take off down the mountain, cutting through the snow. The wind whips past you, but you don’t notice anymore. You’re carving down the slope, cutting through trees, as you sail down the mountain. The Tamarack Resort has plenty to offer during the summer, from swimming to mountain biking and everything in between. But Tamarack isn’t any less fun in the winter. There’s just as much to do here in the winter as there is in the summer, making Tamarack Idaho’s playground. The resort town... Read More