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The Benefits of Tiny House Living in Idaho

It is fun to look at sprawling estates and tall, architecturally elegant homes. We can sit and view slideshows of mansions and celebrities homes and drool over the luxury these people have. Microsofts largest celebrity owns a mansion valued at over $147,000,000, and is over 66,000 square feet. It has 24 bathrooms. Who needs 24 bathrooms? The White House itself has 35. That can be understood, but a private residence? Seems a bit much. Most people dream of owning a large house, but it does not seem likely people dream about owning 24 bathrooms...think of the maintenance work...and the cost In the beautiful state of Idaho, there is a ... Read More

High Tech Gadgets for every room in the house

  We love technology. We especially love todays nifty high-tech gadgets that make living at home even sweeter. The turn of the century had the idea of a smart home introducing a whole gamut of new tech products that were specifically designed to enhance home living, igniting tech enthusiasts and homeowners everywhere. Technology has really focused its efforts on designing products specifically tailored to improve home living, and were always on board with that. Here well look at some of the coolest, craziest and most innovative new home gizmos to hit the market for every room in the house. Your thermostat isnt the only programmab... Read More

The New Subdivisions of the Treasure Valley

    In the Treasure Valley there are dozens of aesthetic and beautiful new construction neighborhoods and subdivisions. Some of them are luxury homes in the Boise Foothills, some are part of the suburban oasis, and there are even some that make up the urban environment of Boise’s downtown. These homes range from big to small and have a variety of amenities available. Amenities like dine in restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even movie theaters. The following list are a few of the most popular and highly coveted new construction areas in the valley. The Paramount subdivision is located in northern Meridian ... Read More