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Libraries Make a Great Addition to any Home

Posted by Kristine Hamilton on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 5:41pm.

There are always fresh and interesting ideas when thinking of new homes to build or redecorating a current home. There are decisions to be made about how to use current space, space in a new home, or what rooms to make sure are built into a home. Why not consider adding a library? Libraries can serve a variety of purposes and add a feeling of warmth to a house. Whether you are looking to create a friendlier location to get work done at home, or a space where you can kick back and relax, a library may be the right thing for you. 

Uses For a Home Library

Something to keep in mind is that libraries are not just for reading. When contemplating new homes to build, and wondering if a library should be a part of the project, think of the possibilities for the space. With the addition of a desk and comfortable seating, a library can also serve as a home office. If it can be avoided, a library should not be the room where a television is placed. Televisions can be a distraction from a space that can be used as a place for relaxation and meditation.

Creative Spaces For Books to Live

interior_sun_room2_sm_300If you are not looking for new homes to build, something to consider would be using your current space creatively to create a library area. Often, the space under a staircase is completely wasted, however, with some well placed shelving, that area can be used to house an entire collection of books. On a similar note, many rooms have unused nooks and corners that would be a great place to put some bookshelves and maybe a chair or two. For instance, many homes have formal dining areas with long walls where shelving would work well. There is also often space in bedrooms and living rooms for bookshelves, and maybe a small desk. Not only will this create a small library space, but books can be visually interesting as decorations in these rooms.

Creating a High End Home Library

If you are wanting a high end library look in either a situation where you are looking at new homes to build or in an existing space, there are a few things you can do to get that luxurious feel. To start with, use dark, rich wood and stain. Adding a fireplace with cozy seating around it helps warm up the space both visually and physically. Chandeliers hanging from the center of the room create ambiance, as do large, wing back chairs. An oversized desk in the center of the room with high back chairs will make the library seem like a formal meeting space, whereas a smaller writing desk alludes to a more private, quaint work area. Any of these ideas combined together will make a library feel well put together, thought out, and incredibly lush.

Home libraries are an interesting thing to add when thinking about ways to change a current home, how to use the space in a new home, or considering new homes to build. They add character and functionality to any home, and are something to keep in mind. If you are looking for a home with a great space to create a library of your own, give one of our agents a call today!

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